Centrum pro rodinu Ráj z.s.

http://www.raj-pavlovice.cz Phone: 731 604 120 Email: hana.skoloudova@raj-pavlovice.cz

The family is supposed to be a safe haven for each of us. We need to learn how to do it and get the courage to start again. CPR Ráj's mission is to support families in an all-out way to counter life's crises. We help develop each person's parental and partner competencies and personality growth. This happens in the form of educational events (talk, lectures, seminars, courses...), sharing and denying each other's lifestyles as well as in the form of basic family advice. We also organise programmes to promote intergenerational cooperation, spend the leisure of families with children, and both suburban and residential camps for children and young people. We run a children's group - the Francis Forest Club and the Garden after-school club daily. With the help of families and other supporters, we are building a large permacular garden.

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