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We are a non-profit organization from Prague, which since its foundation in 2013 has been dedicated to primary care (prevention) for today's seniors, who are significantly different than before. More and more of them know how to use a computer and a smart phone, they speak foreign languages, they have had at least partly the opportunity to experience the world and musically it is far from being just brass bands anymore (if you do the math, you will find that they have grown up on the Beatles or Elvis). At the same time, however, they are exposed to an unprecedented pace of change in society and technology. Things that used to work are no longer working, there seems to be nothing to pass on to the next generation... For and with the elderly we prepare modern educational, sporting or community activities. As seniors and their needs change, so does our organisation and forms of work. We encourage seniors' willingness to learn, orient themselves, discover new things and take responsibility for the course of their old age. Through diverse, often original activities, we strive for a high quality of life lived in health for as long as possible. Equally important for us is everything that leads to a sense of joy in life. We like to meet, play, fool around, have fun and learn not to take ourselves so seriously. We give a lot of space to activities that seniors prepare for each other, which helps them to use their underestimated but great potential. Joint activities help seniors to find their lost sense of fulfilment, meaning or purpose in life. In 2022, we placed second in the small nonprofit category in

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