Complex solution for your fundraising in the world of ones and zeros!

In 2022, we helped 1000 NGOs to raise more than CZK 765 millions from individual donors.

Why to choose

Easy registration

You only need to meet our basic transparency conditions and send us all required documents. Within a few days of signing the contract, you can have a payment gateway on your websites or present your organization on the portal of

Effective communication with donors

We believe that giving is founded on relationship. We therefore arrange for you not only the donation but also the information which the donor discloses during a payment. Your organization gets the opportunity to further interact with the donor while eliminating anonymous donations.

Comprehensive solution from fundraisers to fundraisers

We offer a system for online fundraising incorporating both the tool and the portal solutions. It is solely up to you which option you go for.

Online payments without dealing with a bank

You easily get the possibility to use both single and regular payments whether by card, quick transfer or regular transfer without having to deal with a bank. offers:

A tool

Define a purpose and a project you will collect donations for. It may be a long-term campaign when you receive donations for a support of your activities and your mission, as well as a project with a clear target amount and a set out end date. You can easily launch a campaign, set basic parameters and generate a widget (link to a direct donation from your websites). Then you just simply place the widget on your websites and you can start fundraising! Of course, you can also refer to the campaign using either a donate button on your websites, or a link on your blog, in your e-mail marketing, in a newsletter or even in the footer of your regular e-mails. All this with no programming included!

Comprehensive customized solutions

A tool is a nice thing, yet it is not a suitable solution for you and you are looking for something "customized"? No problem! Our solutions enable you to contact donors from your own donation form without having to use our standard form. A return link of a donor to your websites upon completing a donation or API connection is a commonplace for you to have an overview of your data anytime you need. We do not forget about a register of donors and an option of connectivity to your CRM system (e.g. SalesForce).

Solutions for peer 2 peer fundraising

Are you looking for other ways of cooperation with your donors, friends and ambassadors? We have a solution for you – peer 2 peer campaigns that let your organization easily start with peer 2 peer fundraising. Whether your ambassador chooses to celebrate his or her birthday or run a marathon, he or she can do so in a different way and support your organization!

Portal solutions

We offer you a platform for a presentation of your projects, campaigns as well as your organization. Potential donors can easily find your organization on the portal, donate to you or maybe start a campaign for you - to celebrate their birthday. Yes, we know that portal is no salvation for your organization, for the best way to reach donors is directly by you and your organization, yet we believe that it will be useful as a complementary service.

Administrator of your online donations

Do you want to work with your donors immediately? Do you need to see giving figures in a real time? Do you want to know who clicked and donated or who just clicked? Each organization gets its own profile on where you can administer all online donations and donors easily and in a real time.

NGO community is used by more than 1000 organizations. List of all registered organizations can be found here. Join our community and start fundraising for your project right now.


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