Payment security

Security of all data provided is one of our highest priorities. Both the data and the portal are stored on secure cloud servers in Europe. All communications with your browser are always encrypted via HTTPS so that they can´t be gathered by eavesdropping.

HTTPS uses asymmetric encryption. Before the communication starts, both sides generate a pair of keys (private and public). When initiating the communication, they exchange public keys which both sides should verify through another communication channel. The verification is based on the principle of trustive transfer when a counterparty gives us their public key which is digitally signed (for it is a trusted authority to whom we trust and whose public key we have stored in a trusted repository, THAWTE). Digital certificates are a cornerstone of security provided by SSL/TLS protocols.

Source: Wikipedie

Card payments and rapid transfer payments are processed by reputable companies / banks: Česká spořitelna and PayU. never receives any payment card details. Payment is always secured using the 3D Secure protocol, which protects you in case someone wanted to exploit data from your card. If your bank supports 3D Secure, it sends you a message with a unique code each time you make an internet payment and the payment is processed as soon as you assign the code.


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