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On May 7, 2024, a charity run in support of single mothers will take place at the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences. The route will focus around the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague-Suchdol. Participants can either run or walk along the route, with a maximum length of 5 kilometers. At the finish line, a commemorative plaque and accompanying activities will be prepared. The proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the charitable project Fandi mámám z.s..
On May 7, 2024, a charity run aimed at supporting single mothers will take place at the campus of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague-Suchdol. This run, which aims to provide assistance and encouragement to these courageous mothers, will be held on a route concentrated around the university campus itself. Participants will have the option to choose between running and walking, with a maximum route length of 5 kilometers.
At the finish line of the route, participants can look forward to receiving commemorative plaques and participating in accompanying activities that will be available. These activities will include various forms of entertainment and relaxation to cater to everyone's interests.
All proceeds from this event will be dedicated to supporting a charitable project called "Fandi mámám z.s." This project focuses on assisting single mothers who face challenging life conditions. Its aim is to provide material support to these mothers who cannot afford basic necessities, while also raising awareness of their difficult situation.
It is important to emphasize that May 14th is Mother's Day, which is an opportunity for all of us to appreciate and thank our mothers for everything they have done for us. Participating in this charity run is a great way to show gratitude and support for single mothers.
Fandi mámám z. s.
Fandíme maminkám samoživitelkám a jejich dětem a pomáháme jim překlenout těžké životní období. Díky vašemu finančnímu daru na podporu našeho projektu budeme moci v naší aktivitě pokračovat a pomáhat tak dalším maminkám samoživitelkám a jejich dětem. Zároveň tím podpoříte i naši snahu změnit pohled společnosti na samoživitelky. Děkujeme, že fandíte s námi!
Naším cílem je zlepšit tíživou životní situaci maminek samoživitelek a jejich dětí, a to nabídkou materiální pomoci. Zároveň samoživitelky podporujeme na cestě za zlepšením jejich situace. Vybraným samoživitelkám nabízíme přivýdělek v rámci práce pro organizaci Fandi mámám. 

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