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Unforgettable Summer Camp for 10 kids

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In summer, Honza and I are going to volunteer at an Angel Camp which is a camp for kids whose mum or dad are in prison. These kids don't have it easy in life. That's why a wonderful team of volunteers is preparing an unforgettable week for them. At the camp, the kids will be able to play, sing and do sports. Will you help us make the camp happen?
Last year, Honza and I were at the Angel Camp and it sure was a ride. This summer, we're going there again! :)

If you wanted to support the kids whose mum or dad are in prison and the team of volunteers who organize the camp, please donate. 

If we manage to collect 70 000CZK, that is if we collect enough to send 10 kids to the camp, Honza and I will add 7 000CZK more.

Eleven kids to enjoy a camp, that's worth it, don't you think so too?
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So that kids of prisoners could be kids again - to play, to laugh, to sing, to run in forests and to find friends!
"I am not looking forward to the summer break. Why should I? Me and my brother will spend the whole summer at home and wandering around our neighborhood. My dad's in prison. And my mom can hardly make ends meet for herself and for us. And then the beginning of the school year will be the worst! Everyone's going to brag about their amazing summer experiences. Except for me."

There's roughly 30 thousand children in the Czech Republic who have their mom or dad in prison. These children didn't do any wrong, but still carry the consequence of their parent's wrongdoing. Yet even the children of inmates deserve to have a chance for a better life. That's why we want to give them at least one week when they can be themselves again: they can play, laugh, sing, run around in the woods, make friends who don't judge them because of the mistake their parents made.

At the Angel Camp we try and create a safe environment where children can:
  • share their struggles with qualified professionals (this can be the first time someone is actually really listening to them)
  • experience acceptance and personalized care
  • have hope again
  • relax, have fun, experience joy and fellowship - all the things that children really need
There's a lot of children who have experience with their parent being in prison. That's why for the summer of 2022 we're preparing two camps again!

Join us in helping these children of inmates experience a week full of fun and also experience assurance that they are not forgotten!
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