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Let's Support the Development of the iTrip Application - For Science & For Users

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Psychedelics are still being used predominantly outside of a medicinal context. iTrip App collects data in real time so that we can develop a deeper and more complex understanding of those who use psychedelic substances, and the context under which they are used.  On the other side, it will allow users to preserve their psychedelic experiences, it brings more comprehensive view of their own mental health and wellbeing, and will also offer information and tools to reduce the risks associated with the use of psychedelics.
The iTrip App:
  • Recording and anonymous storage of psychedelic experiences
  • It is a tool for the prevention and reduction of risks associated with use of psychedelics
  • Provides scientific information on specific substances and contact details for specialized workplaces
  • The application monitors mental health through questionnaires and notifications
  • Offers an attractive and user-friendly interface
Help us to raise funds for such a unique project. Your contribution will support the development of the application itself - programming, unique graphics and web interface.

We are keen to further improve the application environment and adapt it to the needs of users. To be able to do so, we need YOU! 
  • Financial support for programming, language and design work
  • Application testing and user feedback
Release - uploading the application to the official Google and Apple Store is planned for the end of January. 
More information available here: http://itrip.psyresfoundation.eu/
Nadační fond pro výzkum psychedelik
Psychedelics are a key tool for the study of mental processes and their neurobiology, including pathological conditions and psychosis. One out of every four people suffer from mental illness, with one third not responding to current treatment and approaches. Over one thousand clinical studies have already demonstrated the positive effect of psychedelics for the treatment of various mental health illnesses. Psychedelics offer hope for many patients in this world. As an Endowment Fund, we are seeking for funding to support clinical research on psychedelics in the Czech republic that could contribute to understanding the potential of these substances for mental health.
In the short term psychedelics dramatically affect human perception, experience, thinking and behavior. Thanks to the use of modern imaging methods we can now directly study the processes that take place in our brain at several different levels. Psychedelics help us understand the causes and point to the new revolutionary possibilities for the treatment of mental health disorders.

How will your contribution be used?
We currently support:
  • Research of the potential of psilocybin and ketamine in the treatment of depression
  • Research of the potential of the psychoactive drink Ayahuasca used in a traditional setting
  • Support for legislative changes to allow access to treatment procedures that utilize psychedelics

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