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Support DUHA Association, so adults with mental disability can be happy the whole year long.
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Společnost DUHA, z.ú.
For the past 28 years, DUHA Association has been supporting adults with mental disabilities in making their own decisions about their future, the form of housing and the services they will use.

The mission of DUHA Association has already for 28 years been to work together with adults with mental disabilities in order to enlarge opportunities in various areas of their lives.

DUHA Association provides 3 main social services:

  • Sheltered Housing
  • Support of Independent Living
  • Daily Cervices Center

Přeji vám hodně štěstí zdraví a úspěchů v roce 2020.
Jitka Hořejší

Jitka Hořejší

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Společnost DUHA, z.ú., projekt: Support of DUHA Association