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Support of DUHA Association

For the past 27 years, DUHA Association has been supporting mentally disadvantaged clients in their own decisions about their future, the form of housing and the services they will use.

we started on 2017-10-22

Support of DUHA Association

Even thanks to your support, we can help mentally disadvantaged clients.

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The mission of DUHA Association is to work together with adult individuals with mental disabilities in order to broaden their opportunities in various areas of their lives.

Living – the opportunity to live in ordinary flats in different parts of Prague and to care for their own home environment.
Work and education – the chance to take an active part in various activities, to learn the necessary skills for everyday life and, where possible, to find employment.
Leisure time and recreation – the chance to use their free time doing things that interest them, just like other inhabitants of Prague.
Friends, family, relationships – the opportunity to develop and experience relationships with people close to them.
Life in society – the right to exercise their right to vote, to use public services, to be involved in cultural events aimed at ordinary citizens, to develop normal relations with their neighbours.

DUHA Association provides various social services:

  • Sheltered Housing
  • Support of Independent Living
  • Day Service Centres
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Zdravím do Duhy a děkuji, že jsem mohl přispět, udělalo mi to velkou radost!
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