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Solar aid for Ukraine - children's hospital in Zaporizhzhia

Help (not only) the children in Zaporizhzhia with your donation. With your support we can build a solar power plant that will save lives. The local children's hospital is only a few dozen kilometres from the front line. It is the only one in the region that can provide highly specialised assistance. In addition to children, it is currently caring for adults fleeing the war. Solar panels will enable the hospital to maintain care for all those in need even in times of war.

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The hospital in Zaporozhye treats more than 100,000 patients every year. The local surgery performs around 2,000 surgical operations in the same period, about half of which are emergency cases. There are currently more than 150,000 people in the city fleeing the war, which puts additional pressure on the hospital. It is also the only hospital in the region able to provide highly specialised procedures such as dialysis for children and adults. In addition, the hospital cares for more than two hundred newborn babies each year, including those born prematurely. They all currently need our help.
Unfortunately, we are now in third year of war, and the staff has had to adapt to working in the hospital and shelters. The hospital has powerful generators to supply it even during power cuts. However, we are all well aware that this is a temporary solution. Such a large building requires powerful generators and running them requires large amounts of fuel. The installation of a solar power plant will be beneficial for the provision of skilled care, the ongoing care of the intensive care unit and the haemodialysis unit. 

- Irina Kulesh, hospital director

The power cuts caused by Russian aggression pose a huge danger to the wounded, the sick, the elderly and the newly born. They all depend on the reliable functioning of hospitals and the care of doctors. However, medical staff needs stable sources of energy to do their dedicated work and save lives. But they cannot rely on grid electricity due to russian bombing and drone attacks, and backup generators depend on scarce diesel.

Your donation will help build the hospital's own solar power plant, which will keep it running during grid outages and provide essential care for all those in need.

Thanks to solar energy, the children's hospital:

  • gains a stable source of electricity for the continuous operation of critical medical equipment such as neonatal incubators, ventilators and hemodialysis machines,
  • reduces its dependence on fossil fuels and energy costs,
  • saves money that can be used to maintain and improve care for paediatric patients and further development.
Thank you for helping with us.

NESEHNUTÍ organizes campaign Solar aid for Ukraine in cooperation with ukrainian NGO Ekoklub.

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