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We support elderly in independent living, independent decision-making and participation in social life. We know how to help older people, but we need your support!

we started on 2011-12-19

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ŽIVOT 90 was founded in 1990 by Blanka and Jan Lorman with the mission to provide services to seniors and their loved ones so that everyone can enjoy their old age and live, if possible, with dignity in the environment of their own home.  We are based on the belief that old age is not a stigma. It can be lived actively, healthily and, above all, with dignity. In the 30 years of our existence, we have proved many times that we can help seniors. But this would not be possible without the support of our donors.

How do we help? 

Our unique breadth of our cares, services and support activities allows us to address seniors comprehensively and to address all their needs - from crisis intervention, accompaniment, daily care and rehabilitation, to activation, socialization and education. We provide a total of 6 social cares and in the centre of Prague we run a community centre for the elderly and their relatives.

💚 Education and other programmes for active seniors
Our programmes for active seniors are regularly used by more than 500 older people, whom we help to maintain their enjoyment of life and energy. They can meet new friends and take part in language, movement or creative courses.

💚 Emergency telecare NADOSAH
The NADOSAH care protects the lives and health of the elderly who want to live in the environment of their own home even in old age. Our clients wear the bracelet with the emergency button which they press in case of an injury or deterioration of health. We are 24/7 in touch and send help if an emergency situation occurs. We are the founder of this kind of service in the country. Our service has been rated the best nationally in an independent survey. 
💚 Senior Telephone Helpline
Senior Telephone Helpline is the only free helpline for seniors and their caregivers with 24-hour operation in the Czech Republic. 

💚 Home care and Respite center
We visit seniors at home and help them with individual tasks that they can no longer manage on their own, we also provide accompaniment to the doctors, on walks or when dealing with official matters.
At our Respite Centre, we offer older people temporary residential or ambulatory care, including, for example, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. This gives caregivers time to recharge their batteries or take care of necessary matters.

💚 Free counselling
We provide free counselling for the elderly and their caregivers in socio-legal, psychological or intergenerational area.
💚 Volunteering
Our volunteer programmes involve over 160 volunteers, making it one of the largest volunteer centres for the elderly in the Czech Republic.  

💚 The Theater
The U Valšů Theatre is a professional stage for ŽIVOT 90. In addition to theatrical productions, we present cultural programs and discussions in which we create a space for artists to meet audiences of all generations.

Support ŽIVOT 90 with a regular or one-off donation and help the elderly along with us! Thank you!

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Josef Šourek
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Kupte si něco hezkého

Marie Anna Klinkovska

Za vaši dobrou práci,která pomohla i mé rodině. JK


Dobrý den,
Vaše cvičení proti bolestem mi už mnohokrát pomohlo. Zatím vše jsem rozhýbala, zbavila se bolesti a vyhnula se nutnosti lékařského zákroku. Vaší práce si velmi vážím. Všude Vás doporučuji. Moc děkuji.
Alena Jarešová

Alena Jarešová
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Velmi rád přispívám na užitečnou činnost organizace Život 90.

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Dobrý nový rok🌲🍀🌻

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Cením si vaší pomoci osamělým lidem v jejich problémech spojených se stářím. A děkuji za takovou pomoc mé sestřenici Dagmar Horáčkové.

Eva Rubešová
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S díky za domácí péči o maminku.

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