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~ ~ ~ Nová Perla is an indenpendant and cultural haven which moored in Northern Bohemia in Czech republic, based in Kyjov near by Krásná Lípa. Thanks to people whose had been supported activities produced by Ivan Mečl, publishing house Divus and incorporated club Perla, has changed the houseless factory and empty grocery shop into the exhibition gallery, coffee house, book store, publishing and printing house, flats and garden.

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Nová Perla has an area of approximately 6 thousand square metres. It consists of two buildings, a factory house and a commercial house, both neighbouring with a road on the east side. Part of the complex is a big factory courtyard, surrounded by a forest and a meadow which is crossed by the Křinice creek, where it creates a natural western border of Nová Perla.

The factory – the Lighthouse
In the main iconic building of Nová Perla which was built around 1910, a gallery, residential studios and printing house are under construction. The tower of the factory gives the impression of a seaside manor with a lighthouse. In the place of the interconnecting extension – the once steel warehouse – will be a spacious winter garden. The main building can be entered through the eastern entrance from the street, through the south one via winter garden and two western entrances, by the door from the tower and a gate from the printing house that lead to the courtyard.

The gallery is on the top floor, the residential studios are on the lower floor and both get a wonderful light from tens of huge windows, looking out into the nature on both sides. The gallery with technical facilities offers 300 square metres of exhibition space that can be further divided by mobile walls. The gallery will use also the courtyard and the park for exhibiting of sculptures, installations and large-format projections. Both places will also be used for theatre, cinema, lectures and community meetings.

Opening of art exhibition Ivan Vosecký: Return of the Art Dead, návrat umění, které nechce zemřít, open 22.6.2024 - 21.9.2024, Nová Perla Gallery

Nová Perla is a gallery offering residential studios, a publishing house with a printing and graphics studio, a bookstore and a restaurant in the middle of a park and garden. There are three sources of drinking water, it uses alternative renewable sources, aims towards total recycling and zero-waste operation.

Café Perla – Open till Dead
In the object of the former shop is already a cafeteria with a terrace, a bookshop, a library, an editorial office, a studio and two flaThe cafeteria offers a range of drinks of local origin and food prepared from the products of local farmers and growers. The kitchen is large and well equipped and prepares fresh and healthy meals without chemical ingredients and processed food.

In the library and bookstore one can read or buy books and magazines of Divus publishing house in various languages, along with books of other selected publishing houses and publications about the region and its history.

Nová Perla has its origins in the Divus publishing house and is growing under its support. The idea of this experiment comes from thinking that was being formed in decades of active working of it

s editing accomplishment, published books, magazines Divus and Umělec and in cooperation of the international association of theoreticians and artists of Eastern Alliance association. In this participated many outstanding personalities of art, literature and science, who according to their field of profession always supported independence of creative, scientific and critical approaches as this is the only way to reach the truthful information about the world. 

Nová Perla will always be independent and its activities will always support freedom of expression and tolerance. To ensure that Nová Perla doesn’t have to bow to pressure and interests, Divus and friends have bought the complex of the factory. What is very important for long-term sustainable independence is self-sufficiency.

The concept of self-sufficiency of Nová Perla also comes from the experience of its founders. Its main sources come from the combination of art, science, crafts and unique production in one place surrounded by nature.

Nová Perla cooperates with local initiatives or companies on the basis of partnership and exchange of services and products and aims at covering most of its needs through non-financial ways. We want to spread friendship and helpfulness because this is the only way how to successfully prepare the ground for realization of such a unique vision in human society. We understand that to be self-sufficient we need to use natural resources and that is why we are responsible for our behaviour towards nature and we support the local eco-system through public education and active conservation.
Other financial sources of the operation of Nová Perla are the incomes from Divus publishing house, cafeteria Perla, bookshop, renting of studios, gallery space and residential studios and other common inside and outside spaces in the time when these are not used by guest authors or our own programme.

Nová Perla is to become a place of meeting for world authors and professional with a unique initiative in the middle of an iconic architectonic complex and landscape. As a temporary or permanent, but mainly a safe haven for creators from all over the world, and a free platform for presenting their work and ideas. To success in this intention we use an international circle of co-operators of Divus publishing house and the association of Eastern Alliance that have years of experience with spreading science and culture in many languages all around the world.

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Ahoj kotě, neboj, to dáme.

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