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Dignity for women refugees in Athens

You are a mother of two young children, and you are with them in a refugee camp near Athens, Greece. You are waiting for several weeks for your registration to be processed, so you only get food for your children, and so you break off a piece of bread to stave off even the greatest hunger. If you manage to get some change, you buy a snack or essential supplies for your children. The sanitary conditions in the overcrowded camp are appalling, and so some, even basic toiletries are out of the question. So you have to hope that some help will come... but from where, when the gates of the camp are closed to humanitarian organisations? It's tens of kilometres to Athens, so you need money for a train or a bus. This may be the story of one of the women who were forced to leave their homes.

we started on 2024-04-10

Join us and help bring dignity to these women and girls!

Be a part of bringing a sense of dignity to women in refugee camps with basic feminine hygiene products (e.g. soaps, shampoos, creams, sanitary pads, underwear).
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Many refugee women face these feelings of helplessness, despair and poverty everyday. What we take for granted on a daily basis is a reachless dream for these women and girls. Due to the lack of care by the Greek authorities, the camps are overcrowded, often lacking the basic necessities of life, and the situation there is more than desperate.

But thanks to the dedicated work of Mrs Photene, who works with refugee women in Athens as part of the Greek Forum of Refugees, a little bit of hope and dignity can be brought into their lives. We are grateful that through this collaboration, our help is reaching those most in need. With the growing number of refugees arriving in Greece, the need continues to grow.
Thanks to the freight transport to Athens, we can also send free of charge a larger quantity of toiletries, which are so much needed and in demand there.

We can get these products much cheaper here in Czechia than in Greece. 
Our team has been making regular trips to Athens for several years now to help distribute the aid for free, meet with women and families in need, spend time talking with them and provide spiritual support. 

But in order to have something to send and distribute, we need your help!
We are planning our next trip to Athens in May, but would like to send material aid on an ongoing basis. That is why this fundraising will go for long-term.

Be a part of it and bring a sense of dignity to these women in the refugee camps with basic feminine hygiene products (e.g. soaps, shampoos, creams, sanitary pads, underwear).

Join us in helping these women and girls!  
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We are a non-profit organization operating since 2015, helping refugees both on the road and in the Czech Republic, where we then provide primarily legal assistance. On our trips abroad, several times a year we visit refugee camps in different countries in Europe, or other places where these people are staying, and distribute humanitarian aid - food, clothing, hygiene products, as well as Bibles in different languages. We also organize camps for children and regularly bring them Christmas presents.

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