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Our project ANOTHER WORLD helps the mourning children. Let's help the surviving children together. Cause it's DIFFERENT WORLD ... but it's WORLD OF ALL OF US

When we lose someone close, it's always difficult. And it's even more difficult for children and young people, who lost the person that had been supportive for them so far. The JINEJ SVĚT project focuses on this group - children and young people who have lost someone. It also focuses on their surroundings, friends, family, school and so on. Contribute the JINEJ SVĚT project led by the organization Klára pomáhá so that these children can get a professional help and support they need in difficult times. ANOTHER WORLD ... is ... the world for all of us.

we started on 2023-11-27

Let's help the surviving children together. Cause it's DIFFERENT WORLD ... but it's WORLD OF ALL OF US

With your gift, you will contribute to professional help and support to children and young people who have lost a loved one and who need help in these difficult times.

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Remember when you  lost someone close to you.
Has it ever happened to you?
It's an indescribable feeling.
Losing someone very important during your childhood or adolescence makes it even more harder.
Unfortunately, these things happen and many people have gone through it.
How can children face such a loss?
Who can they talk to about it?
Who can help them?

Jinej svět is a  web portal created just for children and young people which speaks "their language".
It is a safe place where they can find a needed help.
Jinej svět has professional counselors who help children and who accompany them on the path of grief and mourning.

Still don't know what the Jinej svět is? Take a look at us:

Contribute to the Jinej svět project,
so that all children in need receive a professional help,
so that the team of advisers can adequately expand and be contstantly trained,
so that the interactive website can be improved and successfully developed,
so that this project reaches everyone, including families, friends, schools and can help them,
so that all children know that there is something like project Jinej svět.

We appreciate any financial support.
But we are also incredibly grateful for sharing our video,
sharing this challenge on Facebook or other social networks,
sharing the Jinej svět website with your friends and spreading it
and any support this project deserves.

... you never know who might need  help.

It's a different world ... the world of us all


Klára pomáhá a Jinej svět
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https://www.facebook.com/klarapomaha a https://www.facebook.com/jinejsvet
IG: https://www.instagram.com/klarapomaha/ a https://www.instagram.com/projekt_jinej_svet/
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Peníze nemohou nahradit ztrátu blízkého člověka, ale mohou pomoci zmírnit dopady vzniklé situace, zejména pokud se jedná o emoční a psychickou podporu.
Za všechny děti děkuji, že jste!

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