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Pornoholics Anonymous are local support groups that built upon the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous. These groups are for everyone who struggle with porn addiction. These local support groups are opened for everyone who wants to get rid of their addiction without looking at their race, sex, age, gender, education, political or regious views.

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Welcome to the support group page in support of the local support group project. What is it about?

As part of the NePornu project, we have decided to begin expanding support for those struggling with addiction in a way that transcends the boundaries of the online world. For this purpose, in 2024, we aim to establish several new support groups in different locations across the Czech Republic. These support groups will serve as safe spaces where individuals can seek assistance and receive community support in addressing issues related to pornography addiction.

The AP groups represent a relatively new area of our work; in fact, we began developing it only after the pandemic and lockdowns in 2022. I am thrilled to share with you what we have achieved in this field so far:

  • Establishment of 3 online groups (a group for addicted men, a group for addicted women, a group for partners of the addicted)
  • Establishment of 5 local support groups (Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Olomouc, and Jeseník)
  • 72 people sought help in 2022
  • 100 people sought help in 2023
  • The groups have been successful in creating safe spaces where participants support and inspire each other on the journey away from problematic use of pornography.

Our 2024 goals:

  • Increase the total number of support groups to 14
  • Provide more systematic support to leaders through supervision, training, and intervision
  • Offer assistance to at least another 100 individuals
  • Work on the growth and development of the AP community
  • Raise awareness about this form of support for those in need of it
We genuinely appreciate any support. Thanks to each one of you, the project can grow, raise awareness about the issue of pornography, and offer help to those who need it.
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