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What we take for granted may be an unattainable Olympus for some. Like medical care. Sometimes the problem is a misunderstanding of the healthcare system, sometimes the patient, sometimes the healthcare professionals. Either way, every problem has a solution. And in Roudnice we are the solution.

we started on 2023-07-06
We do not claim to be able to replace healthcare. No way. But we can take it to places it can't usually go on its own. To people who need it but can't ask for it. Yes, sometimes we may feel like they don't deserve it. And let's not kid ourselves, we too are often upset that a box of wine is a better value than a box of vitamins. But that's how it can be sometimes. And if you think we're just another "do-gooders" then some hard data ;) Flu with pneumonia costs VZP just over 30,000 crowns. Giving you a chance to wash your hands, take a vitamin C drink and let the nurse listen to your breathing thanks to us costs nothing. And the prevention of pneumonia includes catching the symptoms early.
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🌟 Support the #R-Medics project and help people in socially excluded localities get the healthcare they need! 🌟

The #R-Medics project is an innovative initiative aimed at providing healthcare to people who are homeless or in socially challenged or excluded locations. Teams of doctors, nurses and volunteers actively seek out and visit these vulnerable individuals on the streets, in shelters and at home. The aim is to provide them with basic health care and important counselling.

With your help, we can strengthen this project and ensure that people who are on the margins of our society get access to essential health care. Your donation to will enable us to purchase medicines, medical supplies and fund medical examinations for these vulnerable individuals. Every contribution, no matter how small or large, makes a huge impact on their lives.

Join us and together we can change the lives of those struggling with social exclusion and inadequate healthcare. Your donation can provide hope and healing for those who need it most.

Together, we can make a difference. Give your heart and support the #R-medics project. Click the link below to donate today!

#StreetMedicine #HealthForAll
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