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Volunteers in action: Protecting Moldova's natural environment

Voluntary guardians of nature in Moldova have an invaluable contribution to its protection. We help them in their dedicated work.

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Nature conservation can't work anywhere without enthusiastic volunteers! That's why in Moldova we are helping train volunteer nature guardians with the local environmental organisation Biotica. We prepare interested people from both banks of the Dniester for the arduous work in the field.

What is their task? The rangers supervise the prevention of fires and record cases of poaching or pollution of forests and rivers. They also inform visitors to protected areas about what animals and plants are found around the Dniester River and in other protected areas and why it makes sense to protect them. 

What do we aim for? We are working with the Environmental Protection Inspectorate in Chisinau to propose changes to legislation that will ensure a better legal status for volunteer rangers. We believe that these volunteers deserve public respect and adequate equipment. Because of the financial possibilities of the Moldovan state administration, the guards do not yet have uniforms, binoculars, first aid kits, or other equipment necessary for the performance of their work.   

Your contribution will help the volunteer rangers protect Moldova's natural environment for everyone, including you! Thank you!

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