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Encounter between clowns and activists. Let's support the international performative, activist project N.A.Toˇ- "Nose Assembly for Tomorrowˇ"!

N.A.Toˇ is a four-day series of workshops, seminars, lectures and a public happening in Brno (March, 26th) led by international lecturers for activists and artists. Selected seminars and workshops on clowning and activism will be open to the general public.

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 N.A.Toˇ is a continuation of the Atlas project, in which performer Florent Golfier, as the clown Atlas, invited visitors to his guided walks to put on a nose and thus become members of the "Nose Assembly for Tomorrow".
The N.A.Toˇ project is thus an opportunity to invite more people to join the work, to open up to other interested parties and to organize a multi-day gathering of clowns and activists.

📆 When will this happen and what is the project's focus?
The first N.A.Toˇ 1 meeting will be held from March, 23-26 in Brno, Czech Republic, hosted by Terén - Field for Performing Arts. It consists of a four-day camp, during which two seminars, three workshops and an intervention in public space in the form of a happening in the streets of Brno will take place.

🥁 In detail there will be:
- Rhythms of Resistance Workshop, which is open for the public and led by RoR members from Vienna,
- clowning workshop in public space led by JAMU Professor Pierre Nadaud
- clown-activist workshop led by “Atlas” (Florent Golfier) and “Röschti” (Lauritz Mori, Switzerland), inspired by CIRCA - Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army
- activist workshop led by members of Limity jsme my! (https://limityjsmemy.cz/)
- insights in the development of activist communities like RoR and CIRCA - open for public
- open space format where the participants will share skills, visions, and knowledge, also open for the publix
- plenaries that will be facilitated by members of the Theater of the Oppressed Group (Resilient Revolt) from Vienna and Jakub and Barbora Liška, editor form the czech magazine CEDIT (https://www.ced-brno.cz/en/cedit/)

🍀 Financing the project and what else are we raising funds for?
The N.A.Toˇ project is funded by the National Recovery Plan and the year-round activities of the tYhle association (the City of Prague, the City of Brno).

We are grateful for this support, but beside the activities described above, we aim to cover additional costs for our twenty participants. We avoid a participation fee to enable everyone to participate regardless of their financial status. For this we need also your support!

With your donation we aim to cover:

🛌 accommodation in Brno. Most of the participants will sleep in common rooms. Some participants need separate accommodation because of special needs (e.g. a human rights activist who will participate with her one-year old child).
🥗 lunch and dinner, provided by by Tri Ocásci (
https://triocasci.cz/)  which are #fairtrade #bio #local #seasonal #vegan #hateFree, which is part of our philosophy, and Goodkarma-Catering (https://www.goodkarma.cz/o-nas/) in Brno.

🫐 Who are we?
We are an organic group of international artists who, under the artistic association tYhle, create the project N.A.Toˇ. tYhle is a platform for expression through performance, dance, physical theater and visual art. They are artists who share a similar view of contemporary art: it is necessary to experiment and cross boundaries.

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Laura Brechmann, Florent Golfier, Ondřej Holba, Jakub Liška, Barbora Liška, Roman Zmrzlý.

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