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Concerts in a different way

On our chamber stage in the exhibition space, we record acoustic and semi-acoustic performances of selected bands, both more and less well-known, across all genres. The musicians will present their short, specially arranged sets to their fans to fit our small, technically limited space. At this time, eight videos are posted on Popmuseum's YouTube.

Help us shoot new episodes

We greatly appreciate any support and thank you for it! If you are interested, we will be happy to invite you to the filming.
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Please help us produce the next episodes of the Popmuseum Stage live sessions
For the Popmuseum Stage youtube channel, we record live concerts directly from our exhibition. What makes these different from other music videos? Due to the cramped environment of the exhibit, the songs need to be rearranged.  The number of musicians may be limited, and it may be desirable to adjust the use of instruments.  Familiar pieces suddenly become new thanks to the acoustic or semi-acoustic version. We bring other musical experiences that make you think about "what is different".

We have made the first eight videos for our youtube channel. One of them featured garage band Kill The Dandies!, who instead of electric guitar played a set completely unusually with an acoustic guitar and instead of singing loudly in one song, they almost whisper. Vladimir Merta showed a cross-section of his (often and less often) used instruments. For example, he played the saxophone.

We plan tomake videos with Tata Bojs, Václav Havelka, who could gradually introduce all his projects, we will invite Rány těla, Načeva, Nauzea Orchestra, Holy Fanda, Mucha, Lazer Viking, Kalle, Arleta and others.

Your contributions will be used for the filming and post-production of the next three episodes, including a contribution to the bands. If you can, please contribute any amount. We would be happy to invite you to the filming in return.


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