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Disaster Aid Europe: Help for Turkey & Syria!

Over 30 000 peope have lost their lives, and whole towns have been destroyed with thousands displaced in South Eastern Turkey and Northern Syria. Disaster Aid Europe z.s is raising funds to purchase priority aid (winter tents, sleeping bags, blankets, heaters), which will be delivered to the Turkish Embassy in Prague, as requested, for onward flights to Turkey to the earthquake victims. Later DAEurope will provide help & support to local Rotarians who will be helping local communities to rebuild, which may include providing community water filters Sky Hydrant Max and Ujeta Care family filter systems, though this will depend on a needs assessment.

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DAEurope Mission Statement: to assist Turkish Rotarians to help and support the rebuilding of communities severely affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey & also to help victims in Syria through our Rotary network. 

Disaster Aid Europe z.s (www.disasteraideurope.com ) has experience  since 2018 in providing support to Albanian, Beirut and Ukrainian  Rotarians in helping to rebuild communities after several earthquakes (Durres, Albania), a port explosion (Beirut, Lebanon) and the war in Ukraine.  We are now working closely with Turkish Rotarians to provide specific help and support to the earthquake victims in Turkey & Syria.

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Great job, thanks to the Disaster Aid team!

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Thank YOU DAE TEAM...You are doing great things...

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