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Kubíček fights for his life

I have FIP. This is a deadly disease. Or at least was until recently. But my mom doesn't give up easily, so we put our paws together and found a solution in an experimental treatment. This solution, however, is very expensive and takes a long time, hence we are asking your for a helping paw.

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Let me introduce myself. 

  My name is Jakey. I don't remember where or when I was born. I don't even know what they used to call me in my first home - if they called me anything at all. The fact is that the human race has long since attached me to itself by its affection, and that is not to be forgotten. But one day there came a complete upheaval in my life so far - in an instant I was left all alone, out in the open, in unfamiliar surroundings, without my loved ones, without food, without my bed, without everything that had given me a sense of security and home up to that point. Only later did I learn that the haunted forest where I found myself was called Parukářka and was part of Prague 3. This gave me additional reassurance. I soon found out that I was not completely alone here and that there was a regular and well-stocked cafeteria for all the cat wanderers.

Something is happening...

  One night in March, I came in again for dinner. Something didn't quite sit right with me then, the bowl was perched in the middle of something strange. I didn't think much of it, I was hungry and mostly in a hurry - you know, spring... But suddenly, snap! And I was caught in some kind of wire trap. Before I could recover, I found myself in vehicle and then in, much larger and comfortably furnished, mini-room. The events went from one to another - I went straight from the new room to the vet's office, and then I was like after a night of party all day long, I was very obnoxious and letting out my terror, even though the new people treated me nice and kind. But I made up my mind and I didn't let those human liars and cheaters near me anymore. They let me stay with them for a couple of nights, let me feed myself enough and then returned me to the place where I was so foolishly caught...When I came back, the other cat boys laughed at me, saying that something was missing from my rear and that I had a comically cut out ear. I guess the nerds didn't notice that they had it just like that too!
 Days and weeks passed and I began to feel lonelier and lonelier in Parukářka... I was desperate. The memory of the kind voice, the warmth and the good food haunted me more and more. One evening I just couldn't take it anymore and I started to insist so much on my feeder that she just grabbed me in her arms and carried me to, well, you know where, where they had recently fed me, talked to me nicely and I wanted nothing to do with them and then I regretted it in the bushes alone... It was a wonderful time! They began to call me Jakub, Kubík, Kubko, Kubiš, Kubín, and because I was always biting someone and being angry, I earned the nickname Jacob the biter I. Yes, I was not an only child, I met many friends who had the same fate as me - abandoned, left behind.

New life ahead!

  Only, I got lucky again! Believe it or not, but I, an ordinary spotted cat, one of the many thousands waiting for a permanent home, had captured the attention of another amazing human being. My temporary owner was a little reluctant, worried about me, checking out the new home. And then we were off! There was a great woman waiting for me and a great cat friend/sister, who had a fate much worse than mine - she came from Ukraine, where she lived in one crate with her kittens in a shelter for a month and lost everything and all her loved ones... My aunt from the temporary shelter said to me the words "Jakey, have a nice life!" and she left.

I have a family now!

  Well, the new mommy calls me nothing but Jakey bakey. My sister and I are adopted, but it doesn't feel like it, we're just all together, family. We are called "the demolition crew" because we can't see left to right and we've broken a few things while playing. But my mom doesn't get mad at us because she says we're funny.
So the three of us celebrated Christmas together. It was so cool, under the tree that all three of us decorated together we had a windowsill mat, the exact same one we already have because my sister and I used to boop each other over it, so now we each have our own. There were some strange things on the tree, ornaments, I think, that my sister and I secretly played with. But the best thing was - instead of half pack of wet food a day, we now both got a whole one! Now, to be fair, I always got more than my sister, because I would finish it off after her - even now! So I had a pouch and a little bit more! Awesome!

I am not feeling well, mum...

  It was just a few days after Christmas Eve that I started to feel weird. It hurt to jump up on the bed to my mom, and when she put me on the bed, it hurt to jump off. So the very next day she shoved me into that plastic abomination and took me out at the doctor's!!! I didn't like that at all. The doctor said it was probably my back that was hurting from the frolicking with my sister, so ironically he gave me another pain, a „painkiller shot“, pffft, to make it stop hurting. Only I got worse a few days later. I couldn't go to the toilet and my mum was worried it was the wet food pouches she gave me. I tried to convince her like no, making sure she saw I was still eating so she wouldn't stop giving them to me... But it didn't go so well. I started to feel really sick. I didn't want my mom to see, so I started hiding from her. When she saw me, I made a charade, like everything's fine, just didn't want her to put me in that plastic thing again. But my mom saw through it and started worrying about me again, so she just shoved me in the plastic thing again. And I showed up at the doctor!!!! again.

I am scared...

  But this time something bad happened. The doctor covered my tummy with something cold and then moved this weird thing around on it. He swore (you don't do that!) and then said I had wet FIP. I don't know what it is, but my mom immediately started crying. How awkward...

  And Mommy didn't stop crying the next day. She was constantly texting and calling and cuddling with me, which I didn't feel comfortable with because she was all snotty, yuck. And what did she do? Well, she shoved me in that plastic thing again!!!! 
  This time we went somewhere else and a nice female doctor took care of me. She immediately told me I was Lemon, so I frowned at her, because I am Kubíček (Jakey). But she said it was because I'd turned yellow. My mom cried again, how embarassing, really. The doctor was very nice at first, showing me things, letting me smell them to see if it was all right. That's what I like, making sure things are in order. But then the bad things started. They shaved off a horrible haircut on my tummy, really awkward, so now my tummy is now cold all the time, plus they put that weird moving thing on it again. Then they even shaved a spot on my paw, stuck a needle in it and started squeezing blood out of me!!! Who does that?!

Don't leave me!

  I thought it couldn't get any worse, but then the doctor gave me an injection that hurt and burned so bad. Mom held me the whole time, so I clung to her and looked up at her with my big, scared eyes. Mommy had a horrible snot and when I meowed to tell her how much it hurt, she hugged me even tighter and gave me kisses, but I know she just wiped the snot on my fur. I thought we were going to go back home, but just as I was being shoved back into the crate, mom said goodbye to me. I didn't understand why, I didn't want her to leave me. I was so scared... and so was mom.

  I spent the night alone, without my mom, without my sister, I wasn’t cuddling in bed with them like I'm used to. I had a thing stuck in my paw and I wished so badly I could go home. Fortunately, that came true the very next evening. Then we just played, and I showed my mom that I was better and she didn't have to worry about me anymore. But she still took me back to the doctor for that horribly painful injection. I cried again from the pain, and mom cried again when I looked at her.

  I was proving to mom more and more each day that she didn't have to worry about me because I was feeling much better, despite the daily stressful trips to the doctor for the painful and burning injection. My mom and my sister and everyone around me were so happy about it. But then I got sick again one morning, I couldn't breathe....

I am fighting!

  I'm told I now have a lot of tests, a lot of pills that I don't like swallowing so much, and still some of those horribly painful and burning injections that always make me and mum cry ahead of me. But I have faith that I will make it through and get better. I believe that I will be able to sleep in bed with my mom again, run around with my sister and break things in the process, finish my sister's wet food, and attack the legs that are hanging out from under the covers. Unlike mommy, I'm a strong cat, not a crybaby. I'm fighting for my life and I'm not giving up!

  Mom was always the one who tried to help and donate to those in need. But my treatment is going to be very expensive. Since it is an experimental treatment here in the Czech Republic, the medication I will now be taking daily for several weeks can only be bought abroad and therefore cannot be funded by fundraising. What can be funded, however, are supportive medications, of which there are goint to be loads and loads, vitamins, very expensive check-ups and hospitalisations, litter, disinfectants, transport fees to all those doctors and most importantly, dry food, wet food and my beloved "yummies". 

  If you've made it this far with my story, I I know t would just like to say that FIP is no fun, but treatment is now possible. I know that there are many (not only) cats with similar fates, but I so badly wish I could celebrate that Christmas with my sister and mom again.

Thank you for every coin and xoxo! Your Jakey Bakey
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Meowdy my friends!
I have one last update for you.
I'm halfway through treatment. With this milestone came my health checks - cardiology and blood work. And how did I do?
I got an A-plus!!! My heart's like healthy kitty's heart and my blood's just fine. My next checks are due in a month and we'll see if the treatment can be done on the day 84 or if the treatment needs to be extended. However, with the results I' got, I'm sure 84 days will be enough, despite my hospitalization in the beginning. Hooray!
To be honest, I've missed the trips a bit. I had a new blanket in my carrier and was looking forward to trying it out!

Cardiology was actually alright. My mom and I took a taxi across Prague and back and both drivers were very nice, as was the female doctor. And you know what? I only got one injection, and I felt so good afterwards. Everything seemed so chill, no stress.... My mom laughed at me so hard. I don't know what it was, but it was great - you tell me, don't I have a great face?

And why am I writing this update? Well, because we've decided to end the fundraiser early. 
Thank you all so very, very much for your help, without which I would no longer be here. It's only thanksto you that I'm able to go on a rampage with my sister again, breaking my mom's glasses, biting my mom's nose and hunting for her feet under the blanket. Although the beginning was difficult due to the initial misdiagnosis and subsequent hospitalizations, the treatment is now going as it should and I am like a healthy cat again. I am, thanks to you, a living example that FIP treatment works and is worth it. Now there will be no need for further hospitalisations and the treatment will proceed as planned, where for me it costs about 260kč/day plus expenses for check ups (e.g. blood work 2380 CZK). So the money raised will cover most of the treatment, which went up this high just because of the hospitalizations and blood transfusions needed right at the beginning.
If you find yourself in the same situation, please do undergo the treatment. Cats don't have to die from FIP anymore. I'm living proof.
XOXO, lots of love and one bite to go with it.
Yours truly
Kubíček the naughty

Good day everyone,

we would like to say hi to all of you and give you an update on the financing of the treatment, so that there is no misunderstanding or to discourage someone with the price.
Although FIP is an evil disease, the treatment is very successful (over 90%). In most cases, and thanks to the increasing availability of drugs, the price for the treatment is lower and lower. There is also much better awareness among veterinarians and the public.
Medication + veterinary check-ups cost around 10-25 thousand CZK in most cases (depending on the type of FIP, weight of the cat, etc.).
We believe that the treatment is absolutely worth it and if you have the opportunity, definitely go for it. We think that every life is worth saving and fighting this disease is worth it.

Unfortunately, "in most cases" is not the case of our Kubíček. Kubíček was misdiagnosed at the beginning of the disease and treated with corticosteroids for his "blocked" back. After 6 days the doctor diagnosed FIP, but he had no experience with the treatment. So Kubík had to go to another vet and because he was in a bad shape, they hospitalised him for observation.
Then he went home for 2 days, but because his condition did not improve, he went to the vet again.
It was found out that his white blood cells were not forming (probably due to the corticosteroids for his back) and he had to have blood transfusions - he got 2 in total. And after another 5 days at the vet he was finally able to go home.

When we  started the fundraiser with his mum, he was already hospitalized for the second time, so we knew the amount we needed to raise would be high. We just didn't know how high, how long Kubík would be at the vet's, etc. So we started from the few pieces of information we had at the time and set the amount at 70,000 crowns.

Kubík's 2 hospitalizations cost almost 20 thousand crowns, you can see the other expenses in the picture.
So, enough money was raised and we decided to end the fundraiser early. Thanks to YOU we are able to finance the whole treatment.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have supported us, we really appreciate it ♥.
In case there is any money left, we will use it to help stray cats on the street, which we take care of as an organisation (trapping, neutering, feeding, building facilities).
Tlapro, Pavla

Hiiii! Hello everybody!
So I have an update after quite some time - do you know why? Oh, well, because I was superbusy - but not dueto vet visits, but due to playing!
Every night I am waking my mom up at times like 2AM, 3AM and my most favorite time for playing - at 5AM!
It is groovy, I know again have loads of energy and apetite. Mom can't keep up with buying yummies. And we also now have a scale - well I am not exactly happy about that, but apparently it is very important.
Due to the fact that the beginning of my treatment was.... ahem... a little bit atypical (cats usually get back to their old selves in the first days of treatment, but during these days I was hospitalised and after blood transfusions) and because my treatment started so early, instead of gaining weight, I am still less than what I weighted in the begining of the treatment. But as I said, I am eating really well and a lot, so I believe I will be on the schedule soon enough!
At this moment I am taking three types of pills: for FIP, livers and blood cells. The first two I will be taking for the rest of my treatment and the ones for blood cells only for few more days. So here you havea video of me taking the pills to show you how good I am at taking them and to show you how grateful I am that your donations allowed me to undergo this treatment - so see how responsibly and well I am eating them!
Have the greatest day and xoxo!
Your Kubíček

we have visited Kubíček on Friday to see how he’s doing.
As you can see, the treatment works amazingly and we only hope that from now on Kubíček will only get better and better ❤️.
Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to his treatment 🙏.

So as of now I have been back home for a week! And since Wednesday I don't even have to go to the vet's office for the painful and awful shots anymore. My mum and the nice lady doctor were laughing at me the last two shots, because I was truly angry after the shot, ran into the carrier and bit the towel I have in there to protect my paws from cold. I wanted to show them how angry and in how much pain I am in from the shots, but they thought it was funny. Excuse me? Next time I will bite them instead and we will see who will be laughing then! Ha ha!
It's so nice being home. Mom ordered some new yummies for me specifically, so that I will gain some weight. But I was mostly excited by the box it came in... But I can see mom is trying. My apetite is somehow back, so my mom will have to buy scale for me to make sure the pill dosage is correct for my weight.
Oh and I am no longer so yellow!
Well then, have a great day, I am going back to bed to my mom. Thanks to you and you only I am able to do that again - be in bed with my mom and my sister. And I am so, so thankful for that!!!
Jakey bakey

So I am here with an update. I am back home, I feel much better and I have the zoomies again. The treatment works! 74 days to go... It will hopefully only get better
The doctor said that I am going to be able to switch to pills. I have so many pills already that I don't really mind one more. I am very happy about it, because the shots were really painful for me. However, there are still a lot of tests and check ups ahead of me, so I still have to fight. And I am and it is working!
XOXO and thank you all so much for all your support!
Your Kubíček

Hi everybody,
greetings from the hospital. I have been here for three days now and I just went through second round of blood transfusion. The first one didn't help me much, but luckily a lot of very nice people are taking care of me so I had a chance to get second round. Hi to cat boys Záviš and Vilík thatlive with auntie Adéla, who are my donors! Both auntie and mom brought some yummies for me, because I am that spoiled from home and I am not very interested in hospital food. I also got a lot of cuddles, because even though the doctors and nurses are frequently cuddling me, noone does it better than mom. So wish me luck, so that I can go home soon.
xo xo
your Kubíček

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