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Support Ukrainian civil society, which is heroically resisting the aggression of the Russian regime. Your donation can help in many places in Ukraine. Every euro counts. Even a few euros can mean drinkable water for several people. When more crowns come together, they can help more, whether it's psychological help for survivors of war crimes or a backup source of electricity in case of blackouts during russian bombardments.

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For more than three quarters of a year we have been supporting Ukrainian civil society resisting the russian invasion. Our support goes to independent journalists and human rights activists monitoring war crimes by Russian troops. We support organizations that provide initial treatment and long-term psychological support to survivors of war trauma. Many NGOs are also currently dedicated to helping civilians, although they were previously involved in other areas. These include shipments of medicines or other medical supplies, or water purification equipment, for example.

Believe us, we would much rather send only real Christmas gifts to our friends from Ukraine, i.e. gifts that make people happy and are not necessarily useful. But right now, they are much more in need of practical things that will allow them to continue to help and survive the winter, which is made worse by the constant bombing of critical infrastructure and the lack of electricity, heat and water. Some of the partner organisations are also providing assistance virtually on the front line. This often entails the need to operate in makeshift conditions or to replace equipment that may be damaged in various ways.

Things of all kinds are needed, water filters or disinfectants, medical supplies, emergency sources of electricity, protective equipment or even funding for medical and psychological assistance. And many other things that may become scarce in the near future.

Your donation can make this help possible.

Because there is often a belief that a small donation is meaningless, we have prepared examples of what can be purchased with the donation amount (just click on the donation amount). You will see that even a small donation makes sense. But you can choose any amount you like. And if you want to support Ukrainian civil society in the long term, you can also set up a regular donation. In this way, even a modest amount can be multiplied over time, and a regular donation will make it possible to provide aid in the long term and with a view to the future, i.e. continuously and effectively.

Would you like to make a in-kind donation? Please get in touch with us at and we can arrange whatever is needed.

Thank you for your support of Ukrainian civil society!

Please note: these are really just examples, it does not mean that by contributing a certain amount you are "buying" a specific item. Needs can change very quickly over time and depending on location, so we will always use the funds to provide for the current needs of people in Ukraine.
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