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The Holos Centre is truly unique thanks to the range of services offered in the field of transpersonal therapy, the expert team of therapists and the accommodation capacity. Now we want to expand it to include facilities for the holotropic breathing in water technique, and for that we need you, our supporters. Join us in making Holos a model workplace for innovative mental health care.

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The reasons why we sometimes struggle in life may not always be obvious at first sight. There may be traumas from various situations we have experienced in recent times or even in childhood. It may be emotions that we don't allow ourselves to express. It may even be birth trauma that was imprinted on us when we were born.

The trauma experienced during a birth with complications or by caesarean section (c-section) can be the cause of many mental illnesses in childhood and adulthood.

These mental health problems can be treated with the Grof® breathwork technique, which allows one to revisit the traumatic situation and relive it again with appropriate support. If the trauma is related to birth, an experience in a water environment is even more effective.

Holotropic breathing in water makes the experience of birth trauma more accessible and accelerates healing, in both children and adults.

At the Center Holos, we are planning to complete the entire center by the construction of a therapeutic pool, which will be adapted to perform the Holotropic breathing in water. With all the necessary facilities, a relaxing sauna area and in the safe environment of the Holos Centre, so that people here can work through the deepest roots of their psychological problems.

You can get involved as well, make a regular or one-off donation, share news of the project with your friends or volunteer. Thank you!
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Visualization of the upcoming therapeutic pool for holotropic breathing in water.

Visual rendering of a possible healing process using holotropic breathing in water

Center Holos is located in Vlaštovičky, near Opava in the Czech Republic.
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