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Let's give children wings

Join the #FlyToWorlds team with a big mission. To enable talented children and young people to fulfill their dreams and represent the Czech Republic. Life writes stories. Your donation will write the next chapter. With one contribution, you give a lot: health, a better future and leave a mark that will not disappear. You will leave an indelible mark on the life of a young athlete. Donate and invest in children and young people because they are our future.

Let's give children wings

Every feather fulfills a piece of a dream. We will put our feathers together and fly away to proudly represent the Czech Republic. You will make the hearts of young athletes flutter with every feather, click donate and you will hear for yourself. Yours will also be fired with a good deed. Thank you for giving wings and helping young talented athletes.

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Elenka is in the picture. She has been involved in sports cheerleading for the fourth year already. He has 3 siblings. Her mother support her and try to enable her to play sports and be healthy. Her mother also played sports and knows how cheerleading can positively shape the personality of a small athlete. And she also knows that when Elenka grows up, she will need much more resources so that Elenka can reach the top of her sport and fly to the World Championships.

We have over 300 such Elenas in the club, who we watch as they diligently train for years and grow into big girls and boys and have their dreams. And so we created a program to support them. Unfortunately, not all parent have enough funds to finance
expensive trip to foreign competitions for their children. Through donations, we help finance the cost of a representative trip to the World Cup, equipment and sporting aids for young talented athletes.
Cheerleading is a team sport and we canť leave someone at home just because they can't do it. Adélka, Dája, Ondra and their friends trained for years, their diligence and perseverance made them better and stronger people who set an example for their peers. He knows how important health, movement, love and smile are. They give all this around and make the world better and heppier. Help them get their wings.

Your gift has power. You give young people wings and make their dreams come true. You will help children believe that the world is a beautiful place to live in, where beautiful things happen. And you will confirm the rule that hard work will be rewarded once and all good will come back to you many times over.

Thank you for every feather. The children will give it back to us because they are our future.


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