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As part of our activities, we go anywhere where (mainly but not only) healthcare is necessary.

Dear supporters and donors,
Russia has caused a disaster of gigantic proportions. The loss of human and animal lives is increasing. During a war conflict, everyone cannot be evacuated quickly.

The Czech soldier in Ukraine correctly said:

Often this principle is also paraphrased as:
"If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck."
- Russia invaded Ukraine
- the Russians controlled the dam
- the dam was mined by the Russians already in the fall
- the Russians began to fill the dam to maximum values sometime at the beginning of March, when they also expected the start of the Ukrainian offensive
- the Russians have withdrawn from the right bank of the Dnieper and cannot and do not intend to return there in the foreseeable future
- the Russians had to guard the entire bank of the Dnieper because
- The Ukrainians are going to cross the Dnieper soon, at some stage of the offensive
- it is very advantageous for the Russians to create an obstacle there, very disadvantageous for the Ukrainians
- Ukrainians need to be able to cross the river there and back during and after the war
- the entire flooded territory is Ukrainian territory that they want back, they want to live and work on it, Ukrainians live there
- Ukrainians have to devote a lot of resources to save lives and property, and they will need a lot more for post-war reconstruction
- the Russian doesn't care, he will calmly rule over the incinerator
- The Ukrainians had no way to destroy the dam, they don't have access to it or any means for anything like that
- no missile in Ukraine's arsenal can destroy such a massive dam like this
- The Ukrainians mainly did not have a single reason to destroy the dam like this
- the Russians do not shy away from war crimes and, as has been shown in many liberated villages, to slaughter entire villages, including Russian-speaking ones, which are much more than the average desolate even imagines
- the Russian doesn't care what he destroys...



dryers, generators, medicines, medical supplies, tools, food and basic hygiene, prevention of dysentery, jaundice ... and many other things that are urgently needed will be purchased from the collection 

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