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EVERY CHILD HAS THE RIGHT TO AN EDUCATION! As children in orphanages and children’s homes grow older, they eventually have to leave their foster environments and attempt to integrate into society. C4C’s Springboard to Life program prepares teenagers and young adults in institutions for this transition by teaching them social and practical life skills to make them employable. These skills become their Springboard to Life! The initiative focuses on tutoring and mentoring children from early teenage up until they are young adults. It aims to significantly improve the chance of success in their personal and professional life, mainly by offering them vocational educational courses and mentoring. Active since 2002, C4C’s teachers and mentors have helped thousands of children from children’s homes reach their full potential, find their bearings and have a real chance in life.

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C4C’s roving team of teachers regularly visits 15-20 children’s homes and similar facilities, teaching participants in lively forums once or twice a week. The resonanceto the program has been compelling and surveys have shown that students passing our courses have a 70% higherchance to succeed in the job market than non participants.

The need for mentors:

Having accompanied institutionalized young adults in their transition into society for many years, we have come to realize that one the most critical factors  in this process is the availability of a role-model the young adult respects and looks up to: a mentor – someone to help or counsel with when challenges arise!

With the above in  mind, C4C has created a mentoring program for children during this important period in their lives. We have successfully recruited mentors from amongst professionals, managers and entrepreneurs – all with a passion to share their experiences and stories with children less fortunate than their own! And as they become part of the children’s lives, they aim to assist these young people to stand on their own feet and claim their place in life.

Hand in Hand:

Another aspect missing in the lives of children living institutionalized care is the multigenerational contact usually enjoyed in functioning families. Overseen by C4C’s Goodwill Ambassador Monika Kavanova, C4C’s new Hand in Hand initiative aims to bring together residents of senior and children homes to explore synergies and create a win-win scenario for these two groups. The idea has taken a firm hold and both groups are enjoying their interactions tremendously. Click here to read more.

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