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Our mission is to prevent hatred and discrimination. We are all to be sensitive to injustice, aware of the harm of inequality and intolerance and increasingly willing to engage on behalf of the weak, those at risk of discrimination, racism and exclusion. We should be able to communicate openly and prevent or resolve conflicts between us. The past offers us many examples of failure as well as engagement and help. These can be a warning and an inspiration to us. We organize unique programs for teachers and students, offer opportunities for international meetings and intimate discussions about our family memory and its echoes in our lives. Your contribution will enable us to further develop our activities and stabilize our team of experienced educators and historians. Thank you!

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I want to support the work and development of Schola Fidentiae - School of consciousness because I believe in its mission and honest work.

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Thanks to your support, and yours, we will be able to continue to develop our research and educational activities this year. Among the main and core ones are: 
- Educational programs and seminars, both 
- for teachers: Facing History (and Ourselves) - Facing History and Ourselves methodology 
- for pupils/students: peer-education with the story of Anne Frank and the exhibition Let Me Be As I Am. 
- Finding information and interpreting it in a professional critical manner, setting it in historical, social and educational contexts, sharing personal and professional experiences of modern history and people today, publishing texts;
as well as 
- for the public: discussion programmes and events.
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