Generace Care z.ú.

Socially Disadvantaged Groups Elderly

Give one hour of care to the one in need

Your donation would allow our organization to provide one hour of care to a client, who cannot afford the services of professional care assistant themselves. This will relieve loved ones and family members, who give their best and deserve help in these difficult times.


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Generace Care z.ú., provides assistance to citizens who have reduced self-sufficiency due to age, chronic illness or disability, and families with children whose situation requires the help of another person. 
Our goal is to provide the widest possible range of services in order to provide effective assistance to clients and their families according to their needs, as well as to enable users to
-quality of life in their natural environment 
-to preserve their existing social ties 
-delay their stay in institutional facilities as much as possible

Advantages of living at home rather than in an institution 
-keeps the family together even during illness 
-improves the mental and physical condition of clients and enables permanent support of your family 
-reduces healthcare costs (including through faster recovery) 
-provide your loved ones with maximum and professional care    

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