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Please help us to pay for Tina's examination

Little Tina came to us thin, weak and with bronchitis. We thought we had managed to pull her out of the worst of it and she would finally be looking forward to a happy life. But then came the seizures. Tina had to undergo a series of tests to find out what was bothering her.

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Little Tina has had a lot of bad luck in her life. She's never known life in the comfort and security of home. She came to us from a large shelter in the Ukraine where she was found on the street, covered in ticks, weak and emaciated. When she came to us, she was suffering from bronchitis. We thought that if we could cure her and at the same time raise her weight to a healthy level, she would soon be able to find a new home. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be.

Tina found temporary care, but it turned out to be not so easy for her. The dogs in temporary care did not accept her because even though Tina is non-conflicted, she cannot be with other dogs. She is driven by hunger and is constantly trying to get food, no matter what the cost. She calmly claws at another dog's back and tries their patience. Or she tries to eat the furnishings of the apartment, which can cause her to hurt herself. And even with this wolf-like hunger and appetite, Tina still hasn't gained weight.

So we had to find another foster and that's when another problem arose. Tina started having seizures. So we urgently looked for another temporary care for her, one where she would be under constant supervision and especially close to the vet where she was undergoing tests to find out what was ailing her. And we did. She started taking medication for her epilepsy, learned to function in the house, and finally gained a little weight.

But then the seizures got worse, and there was no waiting around. On September 7, 2022, Tina was taken to Jaggy Veterinary Clinic in Prague and on September 8 she underwent all available tests, including an MRI. We had to rule out all the possible problems she might be suffering from to see if we could help her. The conclusion is that Tina suffers from idiopathic epilepsy. She will be receiving higher doses of medication and we will do our best to ensure that she has a happy and comfortable life and that with the help of medication we can keep the number of seizures to a minimum.

Tina's examination and hospitalization cost over 30,000 CZK. It is a large sum for one dog, but Tina deserved her chance and we did not think for a second that we would not give her the care she needed. If you could help us to fill the hole that this has made in our budget, we and Tina would be very, very grateful!!! Thank you in advance to all donors.

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