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Let's fight for the end of energy poverty and fossil fuels together- Donate to Klimakemp 2022!

Every year we see the consequences of the climate crisis a little closer. It's not just global temperatures that are rising, but also inequalities. We all need a just exit from the fossil fuel age: people in regions directly affected by mining, communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, and everyone whose energy bills are driven up by fossil fuels. At Klimakemp we can stand together against the fossil fuel business and form a movement for climate justice. Support this year's Klimakemp and join us in advocating for an end to energy poverty and a just transition!

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Millions of people find themselves at risk of falling in energy poverty. Our dependence on fossil fuels, which drive up the price of energy, has put us in this situation. We need to address not only the consequences but also the causes: we need massive investments in renewable energy, insulation and energy savings. Instead, however, we are listening to the talk of the fossil fuel business and politicians about the need to prolong extraction. At Climacamp we want to stand up for the end of energy poverty not only in protests, lectures, but also through practical workshops on self-help insulation. We want to show how people can help themselves or each other while working together to promote real, systemic solutions. 

Coal regions have been suffering the consequences of mining long enough. It's not just the health impacts and the devastated landscape, but also, for example, higher debt levels or a housing crisis. The Moravian-Silesian region, where we are holding this year's climate camp, is currently receiving about 20 billion from the Fair Transformation Fund and other European funds. This is money that could help solve energy poverty and other problems that local people are really struggling with, such as access to housing and decent work. But instead it risks ending up in currently pre-approved so-called 'strategic projects' of big companies or straight with polluters. Many of these projects are already facing criticism from local people and the public. And although their budgets run into billions, ordinary people know very little about them yet. Come with us to push for justice for coal counties

Klimakemp is a place not only for protest, but also for learning, making friends, and exploring different paths to equitable change. We all decide together on the running and shape of the camp. Klimakemp runs on voluntary solidarity contributions, and your support will help us organize it!

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