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UA.SUPPORT - legal aid for Ukraine

Our mission is to make the world a better place. How? By building an ecosystem where work can flow, where people are enabled to work, where they efficiently communicate and collaborate instead of exchanging never-ending emails, and where we can support their full potential with AI and technology. It does not matter if you are a company or an individual in need - with a little help from AI, we have created a clever solution - a clearing house, or online platform if you like, where all channels you use are brightly presented to organize tasks that flow, so you can efficiently work on what's urgent and needed. This smart platform was designed for business use, but it soon found its application in services – including pro bono legal assistance for Ukrainian refugees. We have created an international pro bono legal services platform called #UA.SUPPORT, which links Ukrainian refugees in need of legal help with volunteer lawyers. Within a few months, more than 200 hundred volunteer lawyers from more than 30 countries joined the project to provide legal aid to hundreds of people. The platform received official recognition from by dozens of official authorities and, step by step, is turning into a general clearing house providing legal aid to people in need whether they are from Ukraine or not.

we started on 2022-09-05

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Dear Kateryna and team,
PEOPIL is proud to support the important work of UA.Support.
We wish you all a merry Christmas in these difficult times, and hope you will be able to help many more Ukrainian people.
Best regards from all of the Board of PEOPIL

Philippine Bax

LAWorld Ltd, the international legal network, is proud to support and participate in the important work of UA Support, Ukraine.

jacqui nash