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Do you feel there are barriers limiting the research and utilization of psychedelics in medicine? Would you like to support the classification of psychedelics as accessible for medical practise? Will you support our activities focused on legislative changes to make psychedelic-assisted treatment available?

Would you like to support the efforts to bring psychedelic assisted psychotherapy to patients

Support our activities aimed at changes of the legislative status of psychedelics (not only) in psychiatry. Be a part of changes to the system and help us make psychedelic assisted psychotherapy available for patients. All the help counts.
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To this day, psychedelics are classified as banned substances with no medical use, even though their therapeutic potential is very promising. Today’s Czech legislation is not consistent with a smooth addition of psychedelics into therapy practise.
By donating to the PSYRES foundation, you support the steps necessary for legislative change, which will lead to access to this form of treatment and progress in the public’s view of psychedelics’ significance and potential. 
Among the activities we focus on, there is legal analysis, legislative proposals, and discussions with legislators. We believe that with you, our efforts will bring significant changes in this area.

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