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What happens with person’s consciousness under the influence of the psychoactive drink ayahuasca? How does the brain react to ayahuasca when monitored by a modern research equipment? What role does the traditional environment play in the effect of ayahuasca? Do the indigenous people of amazonian jungle perceive the effects of ayahuasca differently than people from other cultures? Is there a connection among the participants’ brains when experiencing the ritual? Answers to these and to many other questions are searched for by the international scientific project under the leadership of Czech scientists - Neurobiology of Ayahuasca Used in a Traditional Environment.

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Join us in the support of research which centers around the psychoactive drink Ayahuasca and its effect on neurobiology of the brain during rituals in the traditional setting in Amazonian jungle. Help us support science as well! All the help counts.
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In this day and age, we are witnessing a renewal of interest in traditional sacred plants like ayahuasca and their psychotherapeutic potentials, which is connected to the ongoing project “Neurobiology of Ayahuasca Used in a Traditional Environment”.
Within the project, an international team of top-tier experts uses the newest technologies to study traditional forms of administration of the drink in the Huni Kuin and Ashaninka tribes in the Amazon jungle.
Researchers are interested in ayahuasca’s effect on the psychological state of participants, what influence this changed state has on the consciousness of their mutual connection, and how this context of administration relates to the brain activity.

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