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Can psychedelics treat depression? Can they ease the pain of dying patients? How do psychedelics differ in therapeutic effects? How long does their medical effect last? How does their effectivity compare to the classic antidepressants? Scientists at NIMH are trying to find answers to these questions in their PSIKET research project, which centers around psilocybin and ketamine - psychedelics known for their fast antidepressant effect, which is one of the key parametres of an effective treatment of depression and existential distress. By supporting the MEDICINE project, you are not only helping us to collect valuable data that will help implement this form of treatment into medical practise, but you also allow the patients who are a part of these studies, to be treated with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Would you like to support the scientific research of new therapeutic approaches in the field of mental health?

Join us in the support of psychedelic research for use in psychiatry. Participate in the support of advancement of science! All the help counts.
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The PSIKET scientific project reviews and compares two known psychedelic substances and their effects on people suffering from hard depression, and on a group of oncological patients in the terminal stage of their illness. The research focuses on psilocybin – an effective substance present in psychedelic mushrooms, and ketamine, the dissociative anaesthesia. Both substances are known for the rapidity of the drug’s effect. This fact is thought to be the key parameter for this form of treatment of depression and existential distress.

The PSIKET project is conducting a detailed study on psilocybin’s mechanism, rapidity, and length of its antidepressant effect. These results are then compared to the effects of ketamine. 

If the expectations of the scientific team are met, the results of these studies will lead to significant improvements in ways that depression can be treated. The application of these results can also help patients in palliative care with a dignified departure from life.
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