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Please help us pay for Victory's operation

Victory has not had an easy life. But she lived up to her name and won her place in the sun, she finally has comfortable and safe life. Will you please help us pay for the surgery that relieved her of a lot of pain?


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Victory has not had an easy life. She was found in a siege in Ukraine. Took the long journey to Poland where they couldn't find a place for her, that's where we stepped in and took four lost souls, one of them Victory.

On arrival Victory wouldn't eat or drink and just slept. She was taken to the vet where she spent five days in hospitalisation and we really thought we would lose her. Once she had recovered it was time to see MVDr Berenek to see if we could save her eyes. One eye is completely blind, the other had such high pressure and she was in pain. Drops and care slowly improved the eye until one day the eye turned red. Back to MVDr Berenek and it was found that there was some abnormality and the eye needed to be removed.
Three weeks ago Victory had the surgery and it was a success. No more pain, no more worries that she would bump into things and injure the eye more. Victory lives up to her name, she is a fighter and she manages very well although she is now completely blind.

Victory's surgery was 14,000 czk and we are begging you to help us with this bill. Our funds are running low. Can you help us?

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