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Saving the Peace orchard (Sad míru): TREES – BEES – WATER

We did it! Clear and prune an area of approx. 7,077 m2, plant over 100 high-stemmed fruit trees of diverse – even native – varieties (apple, pear, plum, cherry, chokeberry and others), build a rain pond, community fire pit and a place for exercise and relaxation. But our work and intentions do not end there, on the contrary – a new garden requires a lot of ongoing care and attention.

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The Peace orchard (we are renewing from 2021) needs your support not only financially, but also your interest and help with awareness. We are creating the garden of the future for a pleasant stop not only for locals but also for nature lovers passing by. We want to offer a quiet space for rest and recharging energy. An orchard on a hill is a rarity in our region, and that is why we believe it will become a popular place to look around our otherwise vast and flat golden Polabí.

We have over 100 fruit trees planted and they are thriving!
Nevertheless, in addition to their subsequent care, it is also necessary to further improve the environment and cultivate the garden so that it is an oasis of peace and relaxation. This year we are waiting for educational cutting, pruning, modification of the rain pond, construction of a shelter and other works.
A wonderful view of the whole region is being created on the slope, we plan to plant grapes there. This project does not end with planting, and just like a garden, our bees also need constant care.
We are establishing beehives for the Peace orchard since 2021, which you can support throughout the year.
This spring, we will install beehives on the edge of the orchard away from the public so that the bees can pollinate our fruit trees.
Bees are extremely important to humanity, support us so that we can continue to engage in expensive beekeeping.

One of the goals of our project is water retention in the landscape. We managed to fill a rain pond from the sky, which will bloom in the spring with the planted aquatic flora and bring more animals to the orchard (frogs, water skippers and other insects we will plant fish).
The follow-up plan is to place an underground reservoir under the slope to collect rainwater and in the future to build its own well.

Water is a precious resource - contribute to building a self-sufficient green oasis that will benefit everyone! Any amount helps - thank you.

We get material help from subsidies, but sometimes we also need human resources and expert advice. Donate to us!
(150 CZK/1 hour/person = 1 000 CZK /approx. 6,5 hours/person) 

THANK YOU TO ANYYONE who helps to revive a devastated piece of nature. With your help, the Budil Association and its supporters managed a BIG AMOUNT OF WORK in their spare time. We are already filling the premises of the Peace orchard with neighbourhood, sport and partially educational activities.
This year, as part of community life in the orchard, we will implement:
regular yoga exercises (from May 2024 every Sunday 3:30-4:30 p.m.) / neighborhood gatherings (Burning of the witches, Dymokurská šlápota) / cultural events (theatre, chamber concert) / educational gatherings (educational cutting, and craft workshops) / beekeeping courses or orcharding

Do not hesitate to contact the chairman of Budil Association, we welcome your opinions, recommendations and visits. We will be happy to show you around and tell you more. 
phone.: +420 724 703 750 – daily 4-6 p.m.
e-mail: vendulaburger@gmail.com

So far, citizens have helped us - now members of the Budil Association, Nymburk Scouts, SDH Dymokury firefighters, the VIA Foundation and the Česká spořitelna financially (purchase of tools and equipment as well as the first two bee colonies) an even by brigades, the VIA Foundation and the JRD Group - Fund for sustainable living (financial support for the construction of the pond), the Partnership Foundation (Nadace Partnerství) and MOL ČR (purchase of bushes and trees as well as material), the State Environmental Fund (Státní fond životního prostředí) and NPŽP (purchase of trees), but also non-members of the association with their own hands. THANK YOU!

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What's new in the Peace orchard?
We have updated the entire text and photos of the project.
And the trees and bushes are thriving!
Thank you for your support, and we wish you another great year!

Thank you for your support!
Slowly but surely it is coming and it looks like the saplings are doing beautifully: the peach and Williams pear trees have shown blossoms, other saplings have started leaves.

We've already planted a few currants, now weeding out the irrigation bowls and planting a purple iris next to each tree....and then it'll be fertilized. And sea buckthorns are waiting for us!

So, when you go to the garden for energy, you can check if any unwanted plant is sprouting around the tree and remove it - it's a squat, and a breath again :-)

Thank you for your support!
We are happy to announce that we managed to meet the deadlines and not only did we cultivate the entire area of the orchard, but we also planted the planned number of fruit trees and bushes on time!
The Peace orchard has been saved - and is now gathering strength for spring budding.

However, this is only the first part of the revitalization of the forgotten orchard - more work is ahead of us:
not only the subsequent care and replanting of trees and bushes will be important, but also the continuation of building the orchard's irrigation system and the care of our growing bee colony.
That's why we keep the TREES - BEES - WATER challenge active, so you can continue to show your support for the renewed the Peace orchard in this way.

We wish you a joyful year 2023 and look forward to spring! 
With thanks 
the Budil Association

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