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A well for the School

The recently completed Thomas Sankara School in Guinea desperately needs a water source to stay open.

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In Guinea, and especially around the capital Conakry, schooling is difficult to access for several reasons. The main causes are the financial barriers for children from very poor families and the low capacity of school facilities. As a result, many children spend time on the streets, leading to many dangerous situations and poor prospects for a better future.

  The coordinator of the "Send a Kid to School" project, Abdoulaye Bhoye Bah, therefore decided to use his own funds and donated funds to construct buildings with 13 classrooms for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. He purchased a well-accessible 1,800-square-meter plot of land and began construction. In a year and a half, the construction was completed - the buildings have roofs and sidings, windows and doors are fitted, the septic tank is finished, and the yard landscaping and fencing, and classroom equipment are in place. The school was opened at the beginning of the school year (October 2022) and received a temporary exemption from the local authorities because it does not have a water source yet. Therefore, in order to remain open, a water source needs to be secured. However, there are no funds left to drill and construct a fully functional well. The budget for the drilling of the well is €5.400. A solar pump will then ensure the water supply to the surface (€2.000). If the well can be secured, the toilets will have to be completed and connected to the water supply at a cost of €1.000.

Long-term impact
The newly opened Thomas Sankara School will provide education for approximately 400 children in the area around Khorira (35 km from the capital Conakry). These children will not be exposed to the negative influence of the "streets" in all its harmful forms (juvenile crime, teenage pregnancies, abuse, social exclusion, addictions...) and they will have a chance for a better life thanks to the provided education. The school is part of the "Send a Kid to School" distance adoption program, which means that it makes education accessible to children from the poorest families who cannot afford it. But all this can only continue if there is a well...
There will be water, there will be school. 
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