Children, Youth and Family Help for Ukraine

Ratolest Brno helps Ukraine

Help us provide free accompaniment and professional social counseling to all families fleeing the war in Ukraine.

we started on 2022-05-18
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With the beginning of the occupation of Ukraine, we in Ratolest Brno extended our field of activity to families on the run from the war. We are now offering accompaniment and professional social counseling to these families.

However, every expansion of services or a new target group costs something and our public funding is not increasing. If we want to keep running these activities, we need your support!

Half a day spent working with Ukrainian families costs us approximately CZK 3,000. This includes four hours of direct work by two social workers, several hours of preparation, rent and much more. We provide professional counseling and accompaniment  twice a week – in total, we provide families on the run with 24-hour support free of charge per week.

How can you help? 
  • With a gift of CZK 375, you will help us secure 1 hour of accompaniment and professional advice.
  • With a gift of CZK 3,000, you will help us secure one whole children's group or a whole morning of professional social work. 
  • You will help us a lot with a gift of any value. ♥ Thank you.
PS: If you are interested in how exactly we help families, see here: www.ratolest.cz/podporujeme-ukrajinu.
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