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A lump was found on Čučoriedka's belly

Čučoriedka looked like a healthy cat that just got in a bad situation. She just needed to be vaccinated, microchipped, be tested for FIV and FeLV and she would be ready to go home. But it all changed when the vet found a suspicious lump on her belly and so she had to undergo several examinations. Please, will you help her cover the cost of veterinary care?

we started on 2022-03-25
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We took Čučoriedka in a few weeks ago. It looked like everything will go smoothly, she wasn't sick in any way, she just needed to be vaccinated, microchipped, be tested for FIV and FeLV, we found a home for her very quickly and she was supposed to go there on Saturday. But only a few days before her going, a vet felt a suspicious lump on her belly. 😭

So, her leaving to her new home was postponed. Čučoriedka underwent several examinations for us to be sure what's going on. For a while, it looked like a surgery would be necessary, but in the end, the vets came to the conclusion that for now, it will be enough to monitor if the formation isn't growing - because Čučoriedka is young and the formation isn't big.

The cost of the examinations is CZK 3 580 Kč, please, will you help Čučoriedka cover the cost? 🙏 

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