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In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we decided to help students of the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts. More than 30 students, educators and their families are with us or on their way to us right now. We provide them with a roof over their heads, meals and administrative assistance, and above all we provide them with space for realization in what is close to their hearts - in circus art. Students have already joined Cirk La Putyka, rehearsing with Rosťa Novák and our Young Blood crew. They have lessons in motion theatre, acrobatics, dance, but also in Czech and English. We provide them with workshops with experts from the Czech Republic and abroad. We will be very happy for your help to manage to fund these activities for as long as necessary. Thank you for your support.

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On February 24, we all woke up to war. After the initial shock, watching and absorbing the new reality, we began to think about how we can help the Ukrainians. We decided to get involved in what we do best - circus arts. We teamed up with the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts and its Vice-Rector Nina Araya Berrios. She sent a call to students and their families, and began organized help to all who showed interest.
In addition to us, other circus schools, ensembles and festivals also help. We now have fifteen students at Jatka78 and another fifteen people, including Nina, are on their way to us. Students have already joined Cirk La Putyka, train under the guidance of Rosťa Novák in the company of our Young Blood crew, learn moving theatre, dance, acrobatics, but also Czech or English. We organize workshops for them with Czech and foreign lecturers, we spend time with them and allow them to do what is closest to their hearts and what perhaps gives them at least a slight hope of detachment from reality. In addition, we provide them with a roof over their heads, meals and administrative assistance, and we make sure that they are doing well as far as possible.
We will be happy if you decide to contribute to their support. Your contribution will be used to meet the needs of their daily and studying lives and to work in depth with their talent. We don't know how long they'll be here with us. However, if more funds are collected than they will need here, we will later donate them to the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts for the resumption of their operations.

Thanks for your support!
Cirk La Putyka & Jatka78
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The show was excellent and good luck to you all. Slava Ukraini

Phil Gane

Thank you for the great show in Edinburgh last week! Amazing acrobatic skills as well as the touching story line.


Zdeněk a Míša Brabcovi

Petra Krupičková
CZK 1,000

Sílu v rukou i v srdci. :)


Díky moc za to, co děláte! Ať je společně strávený čas přínosem pro Vás pro všechny.

Vladana Vachtlová Vajsová
CZK 5,000

Pane Nováku a celá Jatka78, patří vám všem velké poděkování.

Ivana Holaňová


Matej Vrabko
CZK 1,000

Děkuji za krásné představení a silný zážitek!

Gabriela Havejová
CZK 300

Šikovní jste!

Vladimíra Jindřichová
CZK 200

Jeden z mých přátel studuje Nový cirkus a nějaký čas byl členem týmu Cirku La Putika. Po odvysílání reportáže na ČT jsem se rozhodl alespoň malou částkou podpořit studenty Kyjevské cirkusové školy. Děkuji Cirku La Putika za přijetí studentů z Ukrajiny!

Jan Krbec
CZK 1,000