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Will you help Molly with her health problem?

Molly has her head to the side. We've tried everything but nothing has helped and the cause of her problems remains unknown. So, her only hope now is a neurological examination. Please, will you help us provide her with it, so that we could finally learn what troubles this princess? 🙏

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Molly was found on the street and no owner came for her. On top of that, she started to have health problems. 😞 She has her head to the side and we don't know why. Both medicine and earwash didn't work, X-ray didn't show anything. 😞 And so her only hope is a neurological examination for us to finally learn what's going on in her head. She's young and has all her life in front of her. 🙏

For now, we estimate the cost of the neurological examination together with MRI to be CZK 20 000. Please, help Molly get her head back to the right place and find out what's troubling her. Donate and help her on her way through life.

Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animal will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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We have the first part of results of Molly's examination!

The examination excluded both a possibility of a tumor and spine problems, which made us very happy. 🙏 An awn was found in her left ear and removed. But in her right ear, the vets found clear damage to the inner ear that is probably causing Molly to angle her head to a side... 😕

Right now, we're waiting for the results of several more examinations, where samples were sent to a lab. At the same time, we will consult all the results with one more specialist in neurology, that will see it and check it. 👨‍⚕️ We just want to be sure that we truly did everything that can be done.

For now, the important thing is that according to the examination, nothing is hurting Molly and it's not cancer. Both of this is great news and we hope very much that the rest of the results will be positive for her as well. 🙏❤

And when it comes to Molly herself, the fact she was dismissed from the vet brought her the biggest joy. 😁 Even though they were great in taking care of her, Molly just didn't really like the sterile and strange place and she was really excited when her auntie finally picked her up. 😍

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Snad bude brzy zase v pořádku. Držím ji palce, princezně.

Luky Klárka

Hodně štěstí ❤️🐾⭐️

Iva Kolenova
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Držím Molly Palce :)

Michaela Kapsiová
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Přeji brzké uzdravení a držím pěsti aby se povedlo. Díky moc že jste lidičky kteří pracujete o opuštěné zvířátka.

Růžena Jílková
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Molly, želám veľa zdravíčka ❤️aby ťa hlavička poslúchala 🙏✊

Dušana Petráková
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Ať jsi brzy fit, čuminko.❤️🐾✊

Lenka Bočková
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Anita Straková
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Držím palce!

Milan Kovář
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Simona Moravová
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Ať se má psík lépe

Zuzana Buriánková
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