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Help us cover Ziti’s dental surgery!

Little Ziti aka Mr. Sad Eyes is such a snuggle bug. This little buddy lived a very rough life on the streets before he was saved by our rescue buddy Martina. After quarantining with her, Ziti came to Cool Critters to receive medical care and stay with one of our incredible foster families until he is ready to find his forever home.

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Ziti’s first visit to the vet revealed many issues. He had built up flea dirt from a big flea infestation that is uncomfortable for his skin, he had a little injury on one of his feet, and most dramatically he had damage to all of his canine teeth. After examination by a dental specialist he was scheduled for surgery to remove all the broken teeth.
His surgery will take place on November 2nd. The quoted price for the pre-procedural blood work and surgery is 4000czk. This is a big bill, so we could use all the help we can get! If you have some spare crowns, please consider donating towards Ziti’s procedure. Every donation adds up, and Ziti (and us of course!) will be forever grateful.
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