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New life for Viki

Viki came to us with a huge bulge on her belly. It hurt her when touched and she suffered a lot. During a surgery, it was also found out that she had her organs completely deformed. 😔 Viki has gone through a lot, but we can procure a new life for her. Please, support her new beginning by sending a donation for her treatment. 🙏

we started on 2021-10-04
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Human irresponsibility sometimes knows no bounds. A few months ago, people whose cat gave birth to kittens asked us for help. They were letting her roam freely outside without neutering her, so it was only a matter of time before this would happen. A simple thing – neutering her – would have been enough to prevent all the problems. This is a classic textbook case. Back then, we helped the kittens, neutered both the cat and the tomcat of these people and tried to explain to them that this isn't how things should be. We hoped that the owners would be more responsible from now on. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

On Sunday, we took in our care the mum of the kittens, from the very same people. A huge bulge formed on her belly. It hurt her when touched and she suffered a lot. 😢
And so the circle is closing and Viki got to us. She underwent a demanding surgery lasting several hours on Sunday. We were horrified when the vet then informed us about how the surgery had been going – the kitty had her organs completely deformed.

For now, Viki is staying at the vet and we wait how the recovery will go. Good news is she's eating. If everything will go well, she will be dismissed to her foster care, where she will have a strict calm regime. Her condition is still very serious, but we're fighting.
There are countles cases similar to this one. We're constantly trying to explain, educate and inform, but opinions like "that's just nature" are sometimes really hard to change. We feel frustrated and we're so sorry for everything poor Viki went through. But kitties like her are the reason why we're doing all of this – every day, we're working on making the world better for them. To make a world in which they won't have to suffer for human irresponsibility.

Viki has never done anything wrong and she didn't deserve any of the suffering she's went through. But we can procure life full of joy and love for her, together. ❤ The first step towards this life is her getting well. Please, help her with this first step and send her a donation to cover the cost of the surgery. 🙏

Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animal will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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CZK 200

Ty zvířátka si tu péči zaslouží a mate můj obdiv...Tohle bych nezvládla.

Zina Stejskalova

Snad se Viki bude již dařit dobře a najde šťastnou rodinu.

Martin Kořínek
CZK 200

Myslim na tebe, Viki 🙏

Denisa Kadlecová

Hodně štěstí. Taky jsme to s naším kocourem prošli

CZK 500

All the best for Viki ❤️

Carolina Lopes

pro kočičku viki🤍

Alexandra Urbanová
CZK 100