Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Refurbishment of our men's house

After 15 years of intensive usage of our men's house where we help the homeless and addicted the men's house needs refurbishment desperately. Especially in the kitchen and bathrooms you can see that they have been used by almost 300 men during the past years. Please donate so we can keep using the house to help the needy find a healthy lifestyle.

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The Betel building has been refurbished in 2006. Since then almost 300 men have come through our door in the last couple of years the house has been full. So we would like to extend the capacity in order to be able to help more people to break free from their addiction. We will need a new industrial kitchen, new bathrooms and toilets. We will be able to provide 8 more beds after the project is finished. The work can be devided into sections. It is not necessary to do everything at once so we will continue with the refurbishmest according to the amount we raise.

Please help us to extend our capacity and provide better housing for all the brave people who want to break free from their addiction and are trained in work ethics and are equiped for a new start in their life.
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