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We all play our part. A mutually shared concert experience resonates like a well-tuned chord. Even the biggest symphonies exist only thanks to individual, particular notes and sounds, each of which is truly crucial. The same goes for the orchestra itself: regardless of the size and number of instruments, the orchestra is a body of unique individuals. Moreover, there is another equally essential component of the first Czech orchestra. It is you, the audients. Every part counts.

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Everybody in the Rudolfinum knows perfectly well that the music we hear is a common one. Created and performed by all of us. And just as well, we can feel and appreciate every support, large or small. The size does not matter. The intent does.
Your donation might be a reaction to a concert you have just attended. Maybe it is a feedback on a live broadcast that just concluded. It may even be your personal message to your favourite musicican, conductor, composer. May be. However, it is most certain that your gift is a sheet music to yet another orchestral or chamber event, it is a baton forwarding the Czech Phil sounds to the world, a rhythm to the development of young musical talents and the suporting melody of the manifold educational activities. Can you hear it? Our music sounds out loud thanks to you.
Every single donation is a symbolical applause. And without any doubt, an applause is the simplest, yet the most valuable act of appreciation. Applause in itself is an emotion embodied in a gesture. An individual gesture which springs and grows into an intensive harmony. Every gift, be it a straightforward reaction to a new experience, or a well-thought act of support, is part of the applause that all of us in the Czech Phil – members of the orchestra as well as the administration team – can hear and feel perfectly well.
Our common bow goes out to you. Thank you very much for your support.
 Thank you for playing the next concert with us.

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