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Memory of Nations Institutes

Memory of Nations Institutes will house modern multimedia exhibitions dedicated to the history of the 20th century and to the stories of people who personally experienced life under totalitarian rule. They will also serve as a meeting point with programmes for schools, regular discussions and talks and documentary studies. Post Bellum plans to open the first Institutes in Pardubice, Olomouc, Brno, Prague, and then in other cities.

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The Institutes are conceived as a place that will present 20th-century history to the public in innovative ways. They will focus on popularising modern history through authentic personal testimonies drawn from the extensive collection of the Memory of Nations, which is accessible online at[AP1] .

  • The Institutes will be a living, breathing centre for public exhibitions, gatherings, education, and the documenting of witness stories.
  • They will help educate towards democracy and the protection of basic rights and freedoms. They will inspire new creative approaches and invigorate public debate about how our past connects to the present.
  • Exhibitions will offer visitors stories from the period of 1918–1989 using modern audiovisual technology. These will be the stories of veterans of the two world wars, former prisoners of Soviet gulags and Nazi concentration camps, participants in the Second and Third Resistance, and former political prisoners.
  • Memory of Nations Institutes will also implement educational programmes for pupils of primary schools, students of secondary schools and universities, and teachers. They will offer educational content for the general public in the form of expert lectures and talks with witnesses.
  • The scholarly community will have the opportunity to take part in smaller specialised events.
  • The Institutes will provide a base of operations for documentary activities in the form of a film and audio studio for recording witnesses’ stories, an editing room, and technical facilities for data storage.
  • They will also be used for social events, film screenings, and performances by children or seniors in Memory of Nations Drama Clubs.
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