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We have been supporting artists and musicians with the experience of homelessness for a long time - together we create not only a background for artistic creation, but also personal growth. We managed to reconstruct and equip the studio and rehearsal room in Prague's Invalidovna. However, the operation of the community center is still limited by the capacities and abilities of volunteers. We would like to offer more professional and material support and especially open the center to the public, because art connects, and during a jam session it depends little on whether the guitarist lives in an apartment and the singer in the shelter. Help us open the community centre for everyone with a desire to create!

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We want to offer people in need the opportunity to spend their free time meaningfully, to establish new relationships and meet people outside their normal surroundings. We also want to deconstruct stereotypes about homeless people and strengthen their self-confidence, thus helping them to stand on their own two feet and motivate society to support them in this! At the same time, we want to open our center to the public and organize public events and workshops where people with or without a home can meet and learn from each other.

In our work with artists with the experience of homelessness we learned what would help them the most and so we are focusing on these needs:
  • a stable music rehearsal room and art studio
  • material provision for creation
  • storage space for creations
  • opportunities to meet and support for personal and artistic growth
  • professional social, psychotherapeutic and community support

What did we come up with?
We are opening a community centre in Karlín, in the Invalidovna building, where people with the experience of homelessness can naturally meet other groups, artists, theatre performers, café visitors – both parties benefit.

1/5 The community centre has the basics for creating, plus a computer with internet connection, a printer, and safe facilities where they can just sit, have coffee or spend time in the garden.
EUR 160 will help us pay the monthly rent of the room.
EUR 40 will cover internet and printer costs.
The reconstruction of the space in 2020:

After the reconstruction 2021:

2/5 Every week we organize rehearsals and jam sessions with musicians with the experience of homelessness. We plan to connect the jam sessions with the public soon. A complete sound system is already available.
The contribution of EUR 80 will help us to equip the center with small rhythmic instruments so that everyone can play.

3/5 In June, we are starting to organize regular art workshops for people with or without a home. They will be led by experts from the Academy of Fine Arts and from people with their own experience of homelessness.
EUR 22 will cover the material for one art workshop.

4/5 Yoga classes with Mark, Soňa and Eliška from
YogaBluelife, lessons for people with and without a home, will also start in June.
The first EUR 200 from this collection will go towards yoga mats for the workshops. The movement will support the health and mental recovery of people in need and without a home, and will bring them new stimuli and joy.

5/5 In the future we would like to pay the lecturers with and without a home for leading studios sessions and workshops!

As a non-profit organization, we do not receive state support. We finance our activities ourselves and with the help of you, the donors! Help us expand the community centre. Help us buy yoga equipment, pay for course instructors and get quality material with which we can create. After the crisis, when we focused on direct help for people in need, we are returning to our work in the community centre and every Euro will really help us and people in need!
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Since June, we have organized with the community center:
  • 5 art workshops,
  • open barbecue for the artists without homes, for the public and for people without homes
  • 2 yoga lessons
  • 9 days of free art studio and rehearsal room for artists with experience of homelessness!

    Our events were attended by adults, children, Czech and English speakers, neighbors and more distant inhabitants of Prague. We want to continue with community workshops, yoga and events reliably throughout the whole summer. You can help us a lot with any contribution. Thank you very much!

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