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Rehabilitation for Bailey

Bailey was hit by a car which broke her pelvis. The female doggie underwent a surgery, but the fight is not over yet – one of her legs is virtually paralyzed and another one is very weak. She needs rehabilitation to walk again. Please, will you help us provide her with it? 🙏

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Bailey, who is about a year old, was hit by a car and that moment turned her life upside down. When she was found by her rescuers, she was inert and lying on the ground in pain. Another organisation took care of the doggie, they provided her with first aid and a surgery. She then moved to us for the postoperative care, because we have experience with similar cases.

Bailey's bladder is paralysed, so she needs help expressing it. On top of that, she has one of her back legs virtually paralyzed and another one very weak. According to the last examinations, her problems are neurological and there's not much we can do about them now.

Bailey will now undergo hydrotherapy regularly every week and she will excercise at home with her foster auntie, both of which should hopefully help her gain back her lost strength. There's a chance that Bailey will be able to walk at least on three legs and that's better than nothing. ❤

Please, support Bailey and help her cover the cost of the rehabilitation. 🙏

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