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Let’s support exhausted health care workers

Music is medicine for the soul, the saying goes. That’s why the Czech Philharmonic is dedicating its next concert to all health care workers. On Thursday, March 25th at 8:15 pm CET, the first Czech orchestra will play for the heroes and heroines of our time – to all those whose daily stress levels, exhaustion and helplessness are now at unimaginable levels. Thanks to your support, we will ensure timely and professional psychosocial support for overworked health professionals. Thank you for your help.


Your gift will help us provide targeted psychosocial support to health professionals in hospitals across the Czech Republic. Thank you.

Together we raised almost CZK 2,5 mil.
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Thank you. Together we raised almost CZK 2,5 mil. for targeted psychosocial support to health professionals in hospitals across the Czech Republic. Please, find more details here.

  • “As nurses, we interact with Covid-19 patients the most and we see it all. That we can’t help them, that they are suffocating and we have to watch. We give them everything we can, but Covid-19 is horrible, just horrible.” Helena, a nurse at a hospital in Kolín
Coronavirus has crippled the Czech Republic. It has forced health care workers into an unequal battle for patients’ lives. Staff has rushed to turn operating rooms and ophthalmology departments into Covid-19 wards. Instead of providing regular care, health professionals are fighting to save lives.
  • “Before Covid-19, I never cried at work when a patient died. Now, when four people die during a single shift, it takes a toll on us.” Václava, ward nurse at a hospital in Cheb
People often think that health professionals are used to dealing with death. But the intensity, duration and the number of deaths in the current situation are unparalleled. Many health care workers are reaching the limits of their physical and mental strength. For some, their personal lives have ceased to exist.

  • “Dying from Covid-19 is different than dying from other illnesses. There’s no medicine that helps, nothing to alleviate the pain. Patients suffocate while fully conscious and we can’t help them at all. Patients are here without their families, just with the staff, whose eyes are barely even visible under the protective gear.” Ivana, head nurse at a hospital in Nymburk
That’s why we need to act immediately and help mitigate the negative impacts on health professionals’ mental health. The collection proceeds – your gift – will be used to train health care workers to provide psychological assistance and support to their peers in hospitals. This will help reduce the consequences of the current overworking of hospital staff. 

Training one health care worker to provide psychosocial support to hospital staff costs CZK 17,500 / EUR 670. The goal is to train 1,200 heath care workers as volunteers (right now these ‘peers’ are covering roughly one-quarter of Czech hospitals). This will create a unique network of peer psychological support intervention, both for the current pandemic and for future crises. Thank you for your gift.
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This public collection to help health professionals is administered by Via Foundation in collaboration with the Czech Philharmonic. The project patron is the Association of Czech and Moravian Hospitals with active support from the Trade Union of Health and Social Care of the Czech Republic. The project will be implemented with the National Center of Nursing and Non-medical Health Care Professions through the Psychosocial intervention service system.
 The Czech Philharmonic benefit concert will take place on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 8:15 pm CET. It will be broadcast by Czech Television Art and there will be a live stream on the Czech Philharmonic’s official Facebook and YouTube channels. Join us. Let’s show our heroes and heroines that we are standing by them!
Please find the record of concert here.
See more information about the concert, including the program, here.

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Thank you so much for your support. Together we raised almost CZK 2,5 mil. for targeted psychosocial support to health professionals in hospitals across the Czech Republic. Please, find more details here.

Thank you so much for your continuing support. We are very pleased . And just in case, you did not "catch" the concert, please find record here.

Thank you. We would like to thank our health care workers, the Czech Philharmonic and, of course, all of you who participated, donated and supported a good cause. We appreciate it and wish you a wonderful rest of the evening. 

You can donate and support the health care workers until Sunday, April 4, 2021 here at or, for example, through a text message DMS POMOCVKRIZI 90 on 87 777. 

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