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Your voluntary entry fee will allow us to make art accessible to all and continue to offer the same great experience through our exhibitions and public programs even tomorrow.

we started on 2021-04-19

Voluntary entry fee to SVĚTOVA 1

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Let's convince ourselves that an independent culture can live from community, mutual help, and collective support. We want to know that you are in this with us. We're not just doing this for ourselves; we're doing it for you - the visitors, the friends, the fans, and everyone who feels the importance of bringing accessible and engaged cultural projects to the World. Thank you for all your support so far.
SVĚTOVA 1 was created in September 2018 out of a need to create a space for us and people like us. Students, minorities, underdogs, queers, and those who have, for various reasons, abandoned their studies and are now struggling to make sense of this adult World. Throughout its existence, the concept of the space has continuously transformed and evolved according to the interests and needs of our members, with the aim of connecting the younger generation with the socio-political events taking place in the World through artwork, its presentation, and other educational and community projects. 
Based on a foundation of shared values of membership, friends, and visitors, SVĚTOVA 1 reflects or seeks ways to apply the needs of queering and inclusivity in its practice. It also explores forms of passing on these learnings.
By donating a voluntary entry fee, you guarantee that our program, which we have provided for over five years, is 100% accessible and open to all for free.
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